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    Default Dover Eventing Watch

    I am looking for a cheaper alternative to the big yellow watch for my sister for her b-day. I spoted the eventing watches in the Dover store. have one? Like it/Dislike it? The 3 reviews were all not so good on the website. I was also looking at the "sport watch" on the soccer site that someone posted about in an old post. I looked at walmart and found a few with large dials and stop watches but would like something that will beep each min and or do the countdown.

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    I have it and have used it without a problem for the last two seasons. The only thing I dislike about it is that the start/stop button is on the left of the mode button so when you wear it on your left wrist, you have to reach over the mode button to push start as your horse is plunging around the start box .

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    Many runner's watches will do this. It is usually called countdown and repeat mode, used for setting intervals. Prices usually around 45-65 bucks so not all that much cheaper than an eventing watch
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    I have used mine (in blue) all this season. I wear it on my left arm, and have had the trouble mentioned with the buttons... at one HT I accidentally hit "mode" instead of "start," luckily I still made it in the time. :-) But other than that one time (probably more my nerves than the watch's bad design) I have used it both to count up and count down and I love it. Also used it for trot sets and in the rain, and it's held up. Great for the price!

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    I have gone through about 3 of these watches in the past two years. I love the fact they are cheaper and also the fact that they come in colors. However the faces of the watches are interchangable and apparently can pop off. One of the heads of my watches fell off while galloping on course. I finally just gave up and got the yellow watch. Just my experience =).
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