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    Default Hunter Trends for Shows (clothes, tack and hair)

    My daughter is beginning her first year of showing in the Spring and I'm beginning to collect the items she needs. She is doing open shows and 4H in 2010 but is considering competing in hunters as well. She is also interested in dressage, but with the horse she has now, would not go beyond 4H and training levels so she can use hunter clothing and my dressage tack. She is more into hunters. This might be a better question for breed show peeps, but I have no clue where one would find such a person. All my friends are dressage and all of her 4H buddies ride western, and her leader rides dressage.

    For tack we have a plain brown bride and just picked up a dark brown used Crosby Prix des Nations close contact. So, we're all set there.

    She is 14. I want to keep everything semi-classic so we don't have to get new stuff all the time.

    I'm looking for trends in the following:

    • Saddle plates/bridle tags (brass still?)
    • Stock pins (plain, bling, gold or silver?)
    • Saddle pad -- is it still the white synthetic wool that is fitted to the saddle?
    • Breeches (tan? olive?)
    • Jacket (navy blue?)
    • Show shirt/ratcatcher (white or colored? no sleeves, short sleeves or long sleeves?)
    • Belt (just brown? ribbon belt?)
    • Am I missing anything?

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    At the 4H/local level, trends can be a bit regional, so you might be better off asking someone in your area or going to shows to watch.

    I have not noticed any real trends in the colors of saddle/bridle tags/plates. Small and as non-noticeable as possible is best. I think a lot of people get brass because it's widely available. I use whatever matches the buckles/metal on the tack. So my bridle with silver colored buckles gets a silver plate. The saddle with gold colored nailheads and rings gets a gold plate.

    Stock pins are pretty "out" though at the lower levels you will see them. What is more in style is to have the collar monogrammed. I like a really subtle tone-on-tone but you'll also see more contrast/collars embroidered to match the color of the hunt coat.

    Saddle pads are typically the while fluffy contoured ones shaped to fit the saddle. In the AQHA/APHA realm, the square ones with number pockets are more popular, on the open circuit it's more the contoured ones. Some people use sheepskin half pads, though that style is fading a bit.

    Breeches are usually tan or putty/puke green. Light gray and rust are less common but making a comeback. Probably the most common/standard color is puke green like the Tailored Sportsmans (though you can find other brands in that color). Side zip.

    If you want to get just one jacket and have the most versitility, I would do navy. For a second, gray. You will see brown, olive, tan, French blue, and perhaps some forest green/black as well. Navy is a classic and a standby.

    Show shirts tend to be light/pastel colored or with subtle patterns. White is fine too (but shows the dirt more). Some people wear dark/jewel tone colors but the pastels are more popular. I am of the opinion that only long sleeve is traditional, and unless there is some really good reason otherwise-- that's what you go with. You will see sleeve-less/short sleeved at the lower level. But ugh, who wants your sweaty pits right on your jacket?! And if jackets are waived, it's really better to have a long sleeved shirt on.

    Belt can be whatever she likes. Leather, ribbon, rhinestone, needlepoint-- you don't really see it when the jacket is on. Most kids like the leather ones with spaces to put a nameplate with their horse's name.

    Boots, gloves (black leather), helmet, etc.

    At the lower levels, you will see a lot of kids starting out/in hand me down clothes. And others in the latest trends. I think there's a wide variance. As long as your daughter is clean and conservatively turned out, she should be ok.
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    [*]Saddle plates/bridle tags (brass still?)

    Brass, but not a big deal here. Just don't put them in noticeable places. And I HATE hanging tags on show tack. Back of saddle, top of crown on bridle, under the buckle part of the leather on martingales.

    [*]Stock pins (plain, bling, gold or silver?)

    None of the above Plain choker or subtle embroidery.

    [*]Saddle pad -- is it still the white synthetic wool that is fitted to the saddle?

    Yup. Sheepskin fitted pads are also okay. Just not too fluffy. 1/2 pads are also fine.

    [*]Breeches (tan? olive?)

    Tan or TS "puke green" are fine.

    [*]Jacket (navy blue?)

    If she only has one jacket it should be navy. If she has more than one you can start getting other shades.

    [*]Show shirt/ratcatcher (white or colored? no sleeves, short sleeves or long sleeves?)

    Again, if she only has one, it should be white and long sleeved. You can get a nice pastel or subtle pattern for non-eq days, too. Also, I don't see the purpose of sleeveless shirts. If I'm going to be hot and sweaty anyway, I'd much rather my arms be sticking to the fabric of my shirt rather than adhering to the lining of my jacket -- which would be like wearing a straitjacket.

    [*]Belt (just brown? ribbon belt?)

    Brown, black, or something cute is fine. Cute being ribbon or blingy or a nameplate belt or needlepoint or something. She should have something basic, though, for classes or occasions where the cute belt would not be appropriate.

    [*]Am I missing anything?

    No show bows. Dear god, no show bows.
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    [Saddle plates/bridle tags (brass still?)[/B]
    I have all mine in silver but not biggie. Just like ExJumper said not in a super noticable place.

    [*]Stock pins (plain, bling, gold or silver?)

    Monograms or getting your name embroidered is the way to go. I've even seen people with their nicknames such as "Jess" short for Jessica.

    [*]Saddle pad -- is it still the white synthetic wool that is fitted to the saddle?
    Fitted to the saddle not the big ones that carry the number. However, you might see that in 4H. Half pads are really popular

    [*]Breeches (tan? olive?)

    Tan or beige. Something with a 2way or 4way stretch is more forgiving like TS.

    [*]Jacket (navy blue?)

    If she only has one jacket it should be navy. Maybe a Navy pinstripe. PS Dover is running a good sale now.

    [*]Show shirt/ratcatcher (white or colored? no sleeves, short sleeves or long sleeves?)

    I would say longsleeves. Yes they are hot but it looks so much better to have the cuff of the sleeve come out below the arm of the jacket. Not a huge fan of short sleeve or sleeveless. And if by chance its really hot and jackets are excused she should be wearing the long sleeve shirt.

    [*]Belt (just brown? ribbon belt?)

    The rhinestone belts are still kinda big in the south. But ribbon belts are also popular. I think she would get more use out of a black or brown leather belt though.

    [*]Am I missing anything?

    Helmets - you will see CO everyone in the hunter world. They run about $250 or $300 but an attractive black velvet helmet will be suitable. Hair should be tied back and put up in the helmet with a hair net. And show bows are definitely for the fashion challenged.

    No show bows. Dear god, no show bows. <-----like ex jumper said.

    Glad we could help! And good luck!!
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