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    Default Equine Appraiser Information

    I have a friend who is looking into a career as an Equine Appraiser. She's already checked out the website for the American Society of Equine Appraisers, but it's rather vague. Does anyone out there have any information on what the general salary range is and what the demand is these days? She currently lives in the midwest, but would like to relocate if her house sells. TIA

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    Tell your friend that if she has an analytical/mathematical mind and wants a horsey way to use that brain to make some extra pocket change ... equine appraisal is a fairly easy way to go.

    However, as a full-time career ... well, good luck with that.

    This is why: Demand is fairly low, and the bulk of demand is for higher-end horses. In this world, there are a couple of very highly respected appraisers -- ASA-licensed in areas beyond just horses and otherwise credentialed out the wazoo, as well as having years of established presence -- that everyone uses. I make a little doing low- mid-range horses on contract for one such "big-time" equine appraiser and via my own contacts. I generally only get $400-$600 per appraisal, and this breaks down to $20-30/hour, depending on how difficult (read: time-consuming) it is to find comps for the horse in question. I only do a half-dozen or so appraisals per year. You must keep in mind, too, that doing appraisals for anyone your friend has a personal relationship with raises ethical issues; many banks, etc., will not accept such an appraisal. Business relationships are OK; appraisals for friends and family members are not.

    Location is irrelevant. Much of my work is long-distance and this works fine.

    Also noteworthy:My occasional affiliation with the big-name guy is also NOT through my equine appraisal certification, but through my affiliation with a licensed appraiser of business properties (I do some writing and editing for him). If your friend seeks a "real" appraisal certification (via American Society of Appraisers), she will be more marketable.

    But I still doubt that she can make a full-time career out of such a narrow niche. A better, broader specialization, if she really wants to be an appraiser, might be in the general farm/livestock area, which would include appraisals of farm businesses, equipment and all sorts of livestock.
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    Thanks for the info....I certainly have NO idea what's involved, and she needs to gather any facts she can before she jumps in. Too bad it's not more lucrative as a career in itself....

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