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    Feb. 26, 2008

    Default Money incentive from breeder for showing hunters

    Newbie to hunters, so assume I am not familiar with ins and outs of hunter world

    I have over the years produce really nice hunter horses, and some have shown in the "A"s with good results. I would like to offer an incentive program to horses bought from me and shown as hunters.

    What would be useful? $50/first place ribbon at "A" level? What classes? Are there year end championships?

    I am not looking to sponsor a rider or anything, just want to offer a small incentive to make showing more fun and get my horses better exposure in the hunterworld.

    Ideas very much appreciated!

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    Jun. 18, 2009


    I don't know how much money you want to throw at this, don't think it is a bad idea.

    However, you may want to consider that while the exposure is not as great as on the A's the little people make up a big percentage of the purchasing population.

    Perhaps incentives for those who finish with a year end award for B's & C's
    or even $50 for a divisional championship perhaps. I assume this would be Ammy friendly-someone that has actually read that rule correct me if I am wrong.

    I am going to assume that you are a Warmblood breeder, so the horses will have papers that actually go to the new owners as the horse gets sold down the road...I would personally do it for foals breed in 20XX year-20XX year-and not an open type thing....but you are going to have to put alot of thought into the stipulations. I do think that it would be an incentive for a mare owner though-as it could increase the sale-ablity of the offspring, everyone loves a gimmick..
    I can honestly say that if two stallions were equally nice and fit the criteria I was looking for, a gimmick could persuade me to spend a little more on one vs the other.

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    Feb. 22, 2000
    Keswick, VA


    $50/first place ribbon at "A" level? What classes? Are there year end championships?
    You may want to scale your thoughts back, or focus on yearly national division rankings instead. If you went with $50 a win at an A show you could end up paying out a lot of money. I'm not really directly familiar with any other disciplines, but I have a feeling hunters show more than some other horses. It's not unusual for a horse to do 20 shows a year or more, and many do two divisions at each show. That's 8 jumping classes a show. Multiple horses and you could be committed to a lot of cash, especially if the shows they choose are more local type A's with less competition.

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    Nov. 30, 2008
    Darrington, Washington


    Tracy Dopko of Daventry Farm does something like this for one of her stallions..I think it is a good idea, I just may follow....
    Gates Equestrian
    National Champion Dan Patch sire of USEF/USHJA winning ponies!

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    Mar. 26, 2008


    Last year I started offering an incentive for my young horses that sell. This is the incentive I started with:

    "xxxx" will reimburse the class fee for any 3 year or younger horse / foal / in-utero foal that has been bred by "xxx" for any USDF or USEF recognized horse show or program when shown in and placed first in a "breeding class" or "in-hand class".

    In the future, I would like to add some sort of incentive for under-saddle classes, etc. I am hopeful by adding some incentives that it will help encourage buyers and owners of my "babies" to keep the horses' breed registry and breeder's name (me) current and trackable.

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    Apr. 13, 2003
    Wellington, FL


    I think AQHA does this as well. It seems to be a pretty good idea. And some stallion owners have their own incentive funds.

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    Feb. 16, 2003


    That would help encourage showing. How many years would you do it for? Also, you may consider offering a new "free breeding" once a particular level is reached. You will have to be careful how to do it so that the USEF Ammy rules aren't violated. It's a great idea! Be careful not to put yourself into a hole. I would think you would have to put a "cap" on it for the year. I would be careful about doing it by rankings, as that could mean the people showed a million times to get that "ranking" and that may not be in the best interests of a young horse. Just my .02 worth..............I don't know anything. I'm "just the mom."

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