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    Default Dealing with back pain

    My horse had SI issues last year due to poor angles, and had been resolved. (Chiro work, saddle fit, hoof angles fixed, etc.)

    About 3 weeks ago, he became cast 2x in 3 days (he's since moved to a bigger stall as one became available) and banged up his hocks and has some small lumps along his spine. He is sore behind the saddle area and in the SI area.

    He's trotting sound but stiff in the canter. I have been continuing to work him (lightly) but now would like to "fix" this. He's had months and months and months off prior to this.

    Aside of injecting his back and giving him more time off, is this something that will resolve with some Robaxin and reduced work-load (ie, walk hacks for a few weeks)?

    My vet warned me he could be sore through the back (especially with all the hillwork we've been doing in the last month) but I wonder if this is more because of getting cast, not the work.
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    I have found good acupuncture VERY useful in resolving back pain. Much more so than Robaxin, actually.

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