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    Default Feed labels - converting ppm & % to grams/milligrams & custom supplements

    I did several searches before posting, but could not find anything like this. Sorry if this has been discussed before!

    I am trying to compare having a custom supplement made for me at Which I love - I have my hay tested by then figure the amounts that I need based on amount of hay fed, body weight, etc. Then I tell the guy at horse tech what I want in a supplement and they give me a quote. Hay in my area is high in calcium and selenium, but very low in phosporus, copper and zinc, etc. So this is usually much better than a store bought supplement that has even more calcium and insufficient amounts of copper and zinc.

    I really like the idea of feeding equi-pride, the probiotics and yeast sound like a good thing. But I can not for the life of me figure out how to convert the % & parts per million shown on their website to grams & milligrams so I can compare it to the amounts that I need. Can anyone help with this??

    Here is equipride's website: And here is the list of ingredients:

    Guaranteed Analysis
    Crude Protein, Min. 14.00%
    Crude Fat, Min. 5.50%
    Omega 3 Fatty Acid, Min 0.55%
    Crude Fiber, Max. 5.50%
    ADF, Max 8.50%
    Calcium (Ca), Min. 1.00%
    Calcium (Ca), Max. 1.50%
    Phosphorus (P), Min. 1.25%
    Salt (NaCl), Min. 7.50%
    Salt (NaCl), Max. 9.00%
    Magnesium (Mg), Min. 1.50%
    Potassium (K), Min. 1.10%
    Sulfur (S), Min. 0.25%
    Fluorine, Max 0.8 ppm
    Copper (Cu), Min. 500 ppm
    Selenium (Se), Min. 5.0 ppm
    Zinc (Zn), Min 1,000 ppm
    Iron (Fe), Min. 350 ppm
    Manganese (Mn), Min. 750 ppm
    Iodine (I), Min. 8.0 ppm
    Cobalt (Co), Min. 4.0 ppm
    Biotin, Min 18 mg/lb.
    Omega 3 fatty acid, Min. 5,500 ppm
    Vitamin A, Min 100,000 IU/lb
    Vitamin D, Min 20,000 IU/lb
    Vitamin E, Min 350 IU/lb

    My mare is about 1200 lbs, so it looks like she'd need 12oz a day of equipride. The $25 lb bucket is $52, that would last me about 33 days, so that's $1.57 a day. For my last order of my custom supplement it was .85¢ a day but that is for minerals in a flax base.

    Thanks in advance!

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    ppm = mg/kg = mg/2.2lb

    So, in the case of the Cu, which is 500ppm, that's 500mg/kg or 500mg/2.2lb.

    Divide by 2.2 to get 227.27mg/lb.

    Divide by 16 to get 14.2mg/oz
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