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    Default Monthly Lease fee?

    In a normal lease would you have to pay a lease fee every month or just one flat rate at the beginning of your term? (Sorry for the silly question)

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    Apr. 2, 2008


    I have done it both ways - depends on the terms of the lease

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    Depends how the lease contract is written up. Say it's a $12K 1 year lease fee (just to be simple). It could be set up for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment(s).
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    Default When I had someone thinking about leasing my mare...

    I agreed to the payments monthly, mostly because the lessee's were kids, and what if my mare turned out to be a little strong for them? With monthly payments, if the lease is canceled then there wouldn't be a need to have $10k available to return. If the person leasing was a very experienced rider and the horse was say Medal or McClay quality, then it could be different...
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    We've done both and every variation in between both when I was the one leasing the horse and when my horse was being leased out.

    Generally we preferred splitting the cost into four payments due every three months. This worked best for us personally but from an owners point of view that can be a PITA if people don't pay on time.

    For top horses it is common to pay the entire fee before the horse arrives at your barn for insurance purposes. Generally there are no 'opt' out clauses on horses like that anyway so if it breaks while in your care you get no refund regardless.

    Whatever you do get it in writing in a contract!!

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    In addition to the above comments, you can generally expect to pay a premium for a shorter term lease.

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    Mar. 4, 2009


    Depends on the terms, however most of the time its monthly. I'm an easy lessor. I usually charge 75% of the board, but take care of all the vet/farrier exspenses.

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