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    Sep. 8, 2008

    Default TB mare not eating her Ultimate Finish

    Hi All,

    I reintroduced Ultimate Finish to my mares grain last week and she is not eating as well. She was on it a for about a year then went about 45 days without. I have not had any trouble with her eating this in the past.

    She has stopped eating her grain. I really like this supplement and would like to continue with it. I was thinking about picking up some molasses and mixing that in with her feed to try and entice her.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks Kristin

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    Dec. 19, 2007


    Perhaps she has come off her grain due to a stomach/digestive upset condition such as ulcers. In most cases a horse with ulcers will come off their grain.

    Other than that have you noticed any change in color, smell or consistency?

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    Sep. 6, 2003


    When I used to feed Ultimate Finish it would get rancid during the hot summer months. My horse would sometimes be picky if it didn't smell fresh. So, I would sometimes store it in the refrigerator during the hot months.

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