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    Dec. 21, 2005
    North Carolina

    Default Barn Cats and House Cats and a farm dog... need homes - NC

    I've been doing cat rescue for a while, but I've got an overwhelming number of cats living with me right now... One or two would make nice barn cats, the others are house cats. All come with a rabies shot, the older ones are spayed/neutered, and all are healthy, unless otherwise noted!

    1 - Tweets. House cat only. 2 year old, black and white. Declawed fronts, surrendered to animal control because he nibbles. Doesn't bite, but he does like to groom his humans. Not suited to a home with small children, dogs, or aggressive cats. He'd like to be an only cat. Neutered Male.

    2 - Clover, 4 month old FELV+. He would be an acceptable barn cat (I run a mixed colony in the house, and haven't ever had anyone go + in 15 years). He was a very sick Feral we took in and spent several hundred dollars on saving. He's a black and white, unneutered male. He's still kind of thin and needs some TLC before being neutered.

    3 - Thumper. 2 year old neutered male, tabby/white. Thump would make a good barn cat for a busy barn. Loves kids, dogs, people, cats... He's a great boy. Was a house cat for a busy family of 4 with 2 large dogs before they got transfered into corporate housing. Thump likes an active household. He is a good housecat or barn cat.

    4 - Tory. 2 year old Tonkinese cross. Long hair, white bib. Great cat. Would be a wonderful barn cat, great hunter. Doesn't think much of people. Is said to be spayed, but haven't had her long enough to verify that.

    5 - Liata, 4 month old unaltered female Siamese cross. White, blue eyes, flame point markings. Light taffy colored tabby spots on her side. Great kitty, has had all vetting except spaying and she's just now old enough.

    6 - Sylvester, 12 years old. Sylvester is declawed and neutered. He has NOT had any vaccines, as he's too thin. He was owned by an older woman who chained him out on a chain when she moved in with her son. He has scars around his neck. He's gained about 2 lbs since he moved in with me. Beautiful long haired tuxedo cat. I love this boy.

    7 - Miss Kitty, 3 years old, grey and white. Barn cat, not overly friendly. Spayed and current on all shots.

    8 - Sherwood, Plott Hound/Boxer cross. Great with cats, horses, okay with other dogs. Housebroken, good recall off leash. Sweet boy. 15 months old.

    My BO and SO both told me I need to get out of rescue... It's not worth the emotional, financial, or physical issues it's causing. I've been getting migraines often lately and my doctor told me I'm allergic to cats and dogs... With 10 cats and 1 large dog in the house... It's NO wonder!

    email me at stefffic at gmail dot com or call 704-813-2314

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    May. 10, 2006
    Toledo, Ohio


    if u could get them to me (coth driver chain?) I'd be happy to take 1 or 2 for barn cats..... any pictures?
    Proud Mommy of Southern Comfort, aka Tex.

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    Dec. 21, 2005
    North Carolina


    No photos, but I could get some.

    Also need to add 9 - Noni, 11 year old Maine Coon/Siamese mix. Indoor only.

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    Dec. 11, 2007
    Greenville, NC


    Where are you in NC? I am in Greenvile.
    Confused owner of ASB Johann(AKA Smith), Morgan Sebastian, and TWH Bach. Oh, and now Dora, buckskin mare

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