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    Default Finish Line Fluid Action HA Powder?

    Anyone use it? Good results, bad results?

    We started out 10 y/o Haflinger on it about 2 months ago maybe, and it seemed to be working okay for him.
    About 3 weeks ago, we brought the baby home from the track and a week later put him on it as prevention as well as our 30 y/o TB who has some joint stiffness, etc. Within a few days we noticed the baby coming out of his stall really stocked up and stiff, and couldn't figure out why. We attributed it to the fact that he wasn't moving around much because of the footing in the paddock. However, the 30 year old was starting to look really stiff behind, and he would come out really ouchy in the mornings.

    Last week I took the Haflinger out to work him- we've been working on bending and his right lead. He was just not quite right, really sticky and unwilling to canter in general- the two times he did canter I really had to push him into it, and even though we were going to the left and the left is the lead he normally picks up, he picked up the right lead both times. Not like him at all. I put him on the lunge to see if it was just me causing the issue, but I absolutely could not get him to canter on the lunge line and just quit after 2 tries, since it is so unlike him and I figured he was obviously uncomfortable somewhere.

    A day later the 30 y/o was taken out to be handwalked, and he was extremely stiff and uncomfortable. We haven't seen him that off in a very long time. The baby was still stocked up in back, and came out really sticky and ouchy as well.

    They were all on different grains, all 5 horses get the same hay, water, etc. These 3 were the only ones on the joint supplement, and that was the only factor they had in common.
    Since taking the horses off of the joint supplement, within 2 days they started returning to normal- no stiffness, no stocking up.

    Has anyone used this supplement in the past or heard of this happening?

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    Wow. No, I haven't tried it but I was thinking of trying Fluid Action HA Ultra. Thanks for posting this!

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    I used it for a few months on my horse, when I first got her and didn't notice anything good or bad with it so I her off of all joint sups for a few months until she came up lame. I put her on Platinum Performance CJ with great results, but after about 6 months the high price tag got to me, so I have since put her on Platinum Performance, MSM, and Flex Force HA with the same great results. I may add in a little cosequin if I have any other issues so that she gets more glucosamine and chondroitin, but so far so good!
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    Thumbs up For about 5 years now

    Yes, I have been using it for 5 years now on my two elderly, navicular, arthritic hocked QH's. I do recommend double dosing for at least the first week. I can tell that it works, especially this past week. I stopped feeding it to the 22-year-old gelding because he sort of went off his feed for a few days, thought maybe he was objecting to the supplement (strange after all this time), and on day three, his back legs were all stocked up. By that time he was back to eating with gusto, so back on the supplement, and he is doing better already.

    Also, for the 26 year old mare, I add B-L Solution because she has more issues than the gelding does.
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