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    May. 26, 2005

    Default Horseman's Edge feed

    Does anyone feed Horseman's Edge 10% sweet feed? I am trying to match it to a feed that we have and I can't access the product sheet on the website. I specifically need to know the fat percentage and fibre percentage. TIA

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    Dec. 29, 2005
    Reddick FL


    ha ha
    there's a reason Purina doesn't list the ingredients anywhere

    stay away from their feed unless you like paying for "fillers" and peanut hulls and other junk they've swept off the floor and decided to call feed.

    Triple Crown or Nutrena are better bets -

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    May. 26, 2005


    We have a new boarder moving in and her mare is currently eating the Horseman's Edge. She is bringing a partial bag to mix in with our feed to switch her over but I need to know what the fat and fibre are of the HE so I can make a gradual transition of feed change. I am assuming, then, that it is safe to assume that the HE is low fat and low fibre?

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    Aug. 27, 2007


    The HE I feed is 10-10 protein/fat. I'd have to go get a bag to tell you fiber.

    I've tried Blue Seal Vintage Performance. Loved it, except for the huge volume of feed I was feeding to get results.

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    Easily found on the Purina website. I just typed "Horseman's Edge ingredients" into Google and the first hit was a .pdf from Purina Mills.


    Guaranteed Analysis
    Crude Protein not less than 14.0%
    Crude Fat not less than 4.5%
    Crude Fiber not more than 12.0%
    Copper not less than 55 ppm
    Zinc not less than 220 ppm
    Selenium not less than 0.6 ppm
    Vitamin A not less than 3000 IU/lb

    Purina Mills makes excellent feeds. My whole barn runs beautifully on Purina Ultium or Purina Enrich 32. HE is the lowest end of their scale, though. All the manufacturers make different feeds for different price points, so comparing Purina HE to the tops of others' lines is disingenuous. Gotta compare the top of the line of one company to the top of the line of the other.
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    I worked for Purina back in 2002/ that point Horseman's Edge textured (sweet feed) was available as a 10%, 12%, or 14% sweet feed with 4.5% fat. They also came out with a 10/10--10% protein, 10% fat. Not sure if that same range is still available.

    Horseman's Edge was the mid line feed, with feeds such as Omolene, Equine Senior, Ultium, Strategy, etc, as premium feeds and the Country Acres feeds at the "low cost" end of the spectrum.

    As to quality, well, if you are ever concerned about it take the time to visit one of their feed mills. You'd be pleasantly surprised at the lengths they go to to produce high quality feed. I agree...I love the fact that TC publishes the ingredients and my yearling is on the TC Growth and TC 12% supplement, but my retired guy and CDE pony look awesome on Purina's Equine Senior, better than when they were on TC Senior.

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    May. 26, 2005


    Thank you everyone. When I went to the Purina site to products and clicked on the Horseman's Edge bag I got a message that said "product list not available. Check back later".

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