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    Default To sell or not to sell. WWYD??

    I am at a complete loss right now! I have been having some issues with my horse/time schedule/future goals. I have a decent horse at the moment, who is not super fancy but I think could go far with some work and time. This is my last year showing, as next year I'll be going away to school come fall.

    This horse is perfect for me in *mostly* every sense. He is quiet, sound and I feel comfortable with him. Unfortunately, he has not a lot of experience over fences, and not a lot of experience in the show ring. No matter how long we school before hand, how calm and not nervous I am, every time we go in the ring he is never well behaved. He acts like a complete idiot, actually. Not dangerous, but annoying and consistently so. Wouldn't matter if we had ridden in that ring a million times with no issues.

    And, over fences, he is a complete idiot. One day, he will be alright. The next day, same fence, same weather, same level of confidence...he is just stupid. He is not young, either. According to past owners, he's always been like this (and no, I did not know of this when I bought him. He was FINE the day we tried him...and in all the videos... )

    He is a great horse. I do really love him. But he is not the horse for ME. If he had a person who could work with him every day, with a lot of guts and time to get him where he needs...he would come around. Unfortunately, I don't have this type of a schedule, with work and school, and I'm running on short time left! I feel like I need a horse that already knows its job, and can pack me around. It sounds lazy and horrible, I know. I would LOVE to have the time to work with my current horse, but I just don't...and I don't know how I could make time, either!

    So WWYD? Cut my losses, find him a nice, loving home that cares for him and can take him in the direction he needs? Or suck it up, make some time, fight the frustration and just bring him as far as he can get...even if it means not making it as far as *I* want to go before my time in the show ring is up.


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    You said he isnt the horse for u. I bought Dobbin from a girl just like u. He was the kind of hoss that needed structure and constant correction. I was frusterated with him for a year. I can imagine what this teenager thought about him.

    Lifes to short & to expensive to board a horse you dont love. Id find him a home somewhere (screened ocorse) and ride someone else for awhile.

    “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” Peter Drucker

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    Why is your time in the show ring up? Some of the best show experience I had was IHSA!

    If I were in your position, I would either adjust my goals (to just having fun in your last year together, roaming the trails or what have you without worrying about showing) or sell him now. Do you ride with a trainer? Does the trainer have a nice schoolie to pack you around at shows, or could you lease? IMO, if you know you're going to sell in a year, it might not be a great idea to buy another horse.

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