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    Jan. 15, 2009

    Default Flat Seat Models and/or Brands of Saddles

    I ride in a Pessoa Gen X saddle from the mid 90's, and I have finally come to realize that posting into the pommel and 2pting while pounding on the pommel has got to come to an end. As an experiment the other evening, I looked through just about all of the saddles that people ride in at the barn to find the one with the flattest seat that still had a knee pad. I asked to borrow it for the evening to see if I still had crotch pain issues by the end of my ride. Lo and behold, no pain what so ever. This saddle was a Beval ltd, and I have no idea how old the saddle is.

    Now, this got me to thinking that it is time to find another used saddle to ride in. Depending on how much I can get for my Gen X will really determine what I will be able to spend on a replacement, but I am thinking of a budget around 1000.00 total.

    Can you all please chime in and tell me what brand and/or models of saddles have a flatter seat where I most likely won't be posting into or 2pting on the pommel. After I figure out what the options are, I can then work on trialing saddles. I should also point out that I do not own a horse, but ride school horses.

    Thank you kindly and smiles, Mee

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    Aug. 13, 2008


    I had a Crosby Hunterdon that was flat as a pancake. No knee pads though. It was a great eq. saddle; keep my leg in great position and made me sit up straight! lol

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    Jan. 25, 2009
    Rock Chalk!


    My Collegiate Alumni is quite flat, and I love it. I rode in someone's Beval, and hated the deep seat.
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    Beval Devon is a nice, flat seat saddle, and they come with or without a padded flap. You could definitely find one used within your budget.

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    May. 18, 2000


    The Beval Natural is also quite flat.

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    Jun. 9, 2009
    The Frozen Tundra


    Ditto the collegiate, mine is ~10 years old and still going strong!
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    Aug. 13, 2009


    I second the Beval Natural or Butet.
    There's many used Beval's for sale, that will fit your budget.

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