Hey fellow SoCal-ians.
I just came across the following facility: http://www.fallbrookriders.com/

It's a 10 acre facility just off Mission Rd in Fallbrook, with two big rings full of stadium jumps and a bunch of XC jumps scattered around the grounds. I drove by it this weekend and took a quick walk around- it looks to be tadpole to Novice type stuff- logs on the ground, some nice hanging logs, there was a nice up-and-down bank, a good-sized rolltop, benches, a hay wagon, a good-sized tiger trap, and a great looking coffin- small verticals and a good ditch, perfect for introducing the coffin to greenies. I didn't see everything, but there is definitely enough there that will be great to get a greenie going, or in my case get my a$$ back to jumping after a year's hiatus from having a baby.

It's $125 yearly membership for unlimited access. I'm organizing a group of people from my barn to come down and have a mini XC day in the next few weeks. I wish I'd found this place two years ago!