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    Default Do these saddles fit? Pics included

    I am on the hunt for an A/P saddle. I have these 2 on trial for a few days. I sat in them - very comfy. Didn't ride in them today because I got to the barn at noon and the heat was terrible! But will try them in my lesson later this week. Trainer feels I would do better in A/P with more forward flaps.

    Both are used. One is a Berney Brothers with wide tree. (horse is currently in wide gullet Wintec Pro Dressage). The other saddle is a Smith Worthington, medium gullet. The Berney gives him more spine clearance, but the back panels are a tad up off his back. Berney is about $225 more expensive.

    I do have a Mattes Correction pad right now that I could use. We were using it for my horse when he was lower weight and less muscled. He has filled out some now - still needs more weight, etc.

    The pics are labeled - ignore the dressage pad - I only have dressage tack right now

    In general I think they both fit his shape nicely, but wondering what your opinions are. With either I would have saddle fitter out after I buy.

    The pics are at this link - there are 9 pics - would love any thoughts, good and bad. Thanks!

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    Rule #1
    Have the saddle fitter out BEFORE you buy.

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    Definately get a saddle fitter out....Peace of mind is well worth the price of them. That way you know the saddle fits you and the horse.

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    I'd bet good money that once you SIT in those two saddles, you'll have no spinal clearance at all. Meaning the saddle will bang your horse's spine with every stride. Yes, possibly even with a Mattes pad underneath them to lift it up. You have almost no clearance as it is, and once you add 100+ pounds...

    I also think the Smith Worthington balances like crapola. If it were a dressage saddle (which I sort of suspect that it is), it would be only a little too tipped forward. If it's meant to be an A/P saddle, it is tipped WAY too forward and will probably put your leg somewhere hideous.

    I ditto others' advice to consult a saddle fitter *before* you buy.
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