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    Feb. 6, 2003

    Default Do you know what ply your trailer tires are?

    I just found out (stupid me, never looked when we bought it), and I feel like such an idiot! This is a high end LQ 4horse trailer with a mid tack, so it is no small trailer. You would think that the MFG would use appropriate tires and not take short cuts, right?

    Imagine my surprise when a guy I know points out that my trailer tires are only 4 ply!! I'm like WTF, WTF, WTF? There is no possible way that these are the right tires for this trailer! Unfortunately, we bought it in 2005, so it's a little too late to go back to the dealer. Thankfully, I haven't had the urge to go on any of my "drive two days to get to a horse showtrips" like I used to. Looks like I'll be purchasing four new tires before maxing out the load of the trailer and driving anywhere far.

    Actually, I am not even sure what the correct ply of tires would be - like 8 or 10?

    Everyone, please check your trailer tires, and make sure

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    May. 4, 2003


    I just went out and looked at mine - with my glasses on. I could not see where it said what ply it was - just said they were for Trailer service only. It gave some weights and pressures and load "D", whatever they mean. I just expect my trailer guy and my tire guy to steer me right when buying. But it did say they were made in China - is that the norm these days?

    There is also a lifespan for tires - even when the treads are still fine, they need to be changed every eight (?) years, especially when exposed to a lot of sun since 90% of trailers are stored outside.

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    Jun. 4, 2002
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    God...I don't feel so shorted now. I was thinking my trailer manufacturer cut corners on our trailer! Yours only has 4 plys!!!! What model is your trailer if I may ask?

    My large LQ trailer came from the factory (Double D) with 8 plys...load range D...and I never was happy with how they looked. Even fully inflated the sidewalls were sagging and the tires looked low. Back in July (trailer is only 2 years old and tires had less than 20k miles on them), I had a blowout on one tire and had another on the same side with a bubble on the side wall. I replaced all 5 (spare included) with 10 ply load range E Coopers.

    I would not put less than 8 ply on a horse trailer regardless of size. The bigger trailers like mine need maximum sidewall tires. Get the 10 plys. You will one day be thankful you did. Changing a tire on the side of a busy interstate sucks.

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