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    Mar. 9, 2006

    Default *Spinoff* To sell or not to sell show clothing

    I sold my horse over a year ago and have a massive amount of show clothing. I am very attached to it all. I have probably about 30 show shirts, 4 GP coats and 4 RJ classics, plus a custom made GP shadbelly, and about 3 pairs of tall boots.(No I'm not crazy I worked at a tack store for about 3 years when I was showing constantly).
    I dont know whether or not to keep it all/some of it/or sell it all?

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    Mar. 29, 2008


    You might be able to let go of a few of those things and still survive.

    Do you have plans to show again in the next couple years? Real plans, not "I hope a pony will fall out of the sky and land in my back yard soon."

    Does everything still fit you? Again, not, "If I could just lose those last 10 lbs., I could button that shirt again."

    Can you pick out some basics that will always be in style (white shirts, navy coats) and get rid of some of the more trendy stuff that might be harder to sell later? Or keep some of your absolute favorites and sell the rest?

    One of my biggest regrets was selling my saddle when I sold my last horse, even though I knew I wouldn't be riding any time soon. I went without a saddle for about 5 years, and finally ended up having an even better saddle (same kind and everything, just better condition) fall into my lap. So in the end, even though I could have kicked myself for those 5 years I didn't have a saddle, I got a better one that I wouldn't have gotten if I still had the first one. Moral of the story: unless you don't need the money, sell your stuff. You'll get more stuff later.

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    Can you wear any of it for other things? Like to work maybe? Would you actually wear all of it again if you started showing again or maybe just some of them?
    I have found that after a 10 year hiatus I have started to need my show gear again. I still fit in most of it and to be honest, 90% of it looks as good as the day I bought it. The show shirts got yellowed and I had to chuck them and the helmets weirded me out by being expired but my coats and boots - perfect as ever.

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    Atlanta, GA


    I too had quite a few show clothes when I went on hiatus, though not quite as many as you I have periodically sold off a few things, and have had no remorse because there are always new styles to choose from when I go back to riding and showing. However, I have two hard-to-find/fit GP coats that I had special ordered, so I opted not to sell those because they would not be so easy to replace and I really like them. So, I kept a shirt or two for each coat plus the coats, and am going to keep a pair of breeches or two and sell the rest (I just discovered my stash in the top of my closet!). I found that so long as I had a few of my favorite things, I was happier to have the extra money in my pocket than I was to have the extra shirts hanging in my closet because they are easily replaced later with fun new things So, perhaps try separating out the things that are special, hard to fit, or hard to find, and the things that are pretty basic or not that exciting, and I bet you'll come up with some things you are willing to send on to their next home!

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    Mar. 5, 2007


    I'm in the process of selling a Showcoat and a pair of Pikeur breeches right now (on the coth classifieds, where else? shameless plug)

    I've held on to the jacket for way too long since I secretly love it but I know I will never wear it again and in these hard times *shrugs shoulders* Well I can't afford to hold on to stuff I'll never use.

    I'll buy second hand stuff too.
    I bought a gently preloved argyle jcrew sweater on e-bay for less then $10 this spring. It'll be for barn use only and I could never afford to buy a sweater like that new, knowing it would get drooled on within the first 24hrs of wear!
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    Oct. 1, 2002
    Cow County, MD


    Having been there and done that, I'd recommend selling your shirts (as mentioned, they can yellow in the armpits when they just sit in the closet, and they seem to grow spots on chokers in the dark ).

    Keep a couple coats that won't go out of style, like navy and possibly a gray. I'll wage that tan coats will come back in sometime in the future, but the cuts may change a little.

    Keep your breeches if they fit. Boots last forever if taken care of.

    Now, if you're planning on e-baying this stuff, I would wait until the spring, when people who show only seasonally will be looking for new-to-them clothes. I found that I got the most interest and the bext money if I timed it this way.
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    Nov. 9, 2007


    Keep your boots, as long as they fit, because those things can last forever. My trainer WILL NOT let go of his 30+ yr old tall boots. they're getting a *little* bit worn looking, but they are very nice

    keep that custom GP shad--it's custom, and the chances of it fitting someone else as nicely as it might fit you are slim.

    keep one or two of the coats, whichever 2 fit you best and are sure to never go out of style (maybe pick one navy one, and maybe one black or grey one?)

    30+ show shirts?! you must be in heaven. I feel like I've already collected too many, but wow, you've blown me out of the water. If I had 30 I'd never have to wear the same one twice for 2 yrs ! I think you can probably do without some of these. Pick out the ones that are certainly "out" and will definitely not come back in, the ones that make you go "what was i thinking?!" and such. You can part with these. I'd say get rid of at LEAST 20 of them, and even in my mind 10 is A LOT of shirts You should keep the ones that fit best and are rather timeless--whites, pastels, etc.

    I'm not sure if you're still riding or if you've taken a hiatus (figured maybe you're riding someone elses horses, taking lessons, etc.) but if you are it couldn't hurt to have the essentials around. Or if you're not riding and plan to take it up again in the future.

    on a side note, if you've got maybe an office job of some sort, or really any job that a button-down shirt would be acceptable for, try wearing some of your show shirts then ! just fold the collar down like a normal collar, roll up the sleeves a little, maybe dress it up with a little cinch belt or something. at least that way you can use them

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    Jun. 17, 2001
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    BTDT, used E Bay and did pretty well.

    The Shad is kind of problematic depending on size. If you are smaller or it's, more or less, child size, you have a better chance.

    I looked into consigning mine, for adults, it's a one time only purchase and does not need replacing due to style and color changes,. Once most adults have one, they keep it forever. In other words, you won't get much out of it. So just keep it.

    Keep a couple of basic shirts and a blue coat and sell the rest.

    And you best try that coat and those shirts on yearly and decide whether to keep hanging on or sell.
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