We're pondering the logistics of hauling two of our own horses to MT next summer for our annual visit. We usually ride our friend's horses, and that's all good and all wonderful, but dang it would be neat to do it at least once, on our own beasties.

So, those of you in the fly over states LOL and those familiar with traveling the middle country with horses, I'd appreciate your input on the route and layover options. I can take my time within reason, if I can secure wi-fi somewhere in the middle I could work a day remotely, let them rest, then start off again. I can sit in Panera Bread somewhere and work while they snooze. LOL I'd like to take no more than 4 days to get there, though. I'd be driving alone. My SO can't be gone as long as I can, he'd fly out and meet up with us.

Mapquest says:
  • Bham, AL to Memphis, TN
  • Memphis up through Springfield to Kansas City
  • KC to Sioux Falls, SD
  • Sioux Falls through Rapid City...through Billings, onto Bozeman....

route link is here: http://www.mapquest.com/maps?1z=35115&2z=59752

I am aware of horsetraildirectory.com etc for layovers, and this is a plan in its infancy. I just got home from MT on Saturday LOL. But I'm eager to plan The Trip.

Yes I'm a seasoned hauler, yes the horses are too, yes I have US Rider We'd be looking at next July/August timeframe.

any suggestions, different routes, good/bad layovers, I'm allll ears