I am posting this for an acquaintance, I do not know this horse personally (don't know if she's breeding sound) so please contact Kelli, the owner directly at cedarglenfarm@yahoo.com .

> Free to good home (must provide references)
> 8 year old 14.3 1/2 hh Welsh/TB mare who is sound for trails, light
> riding and lower level dressage only. No jumping. If Sunny does not
> find a suitable home in the next 4 weeks I am going to put her down.
> I will not put her back in the "stream of commerce" where she might be
> abused/drugged up/pushed too hard. She's been off work and turned
> out now for one year and could use a tune up in the manners
> department. But, when going she bathed and fly sprayed with little
> trouble (she does have sensitive thoroughbred skin.) She loads. She
> unloads very quickly. I've been unable to break her of that habit and
> wonder if it is because of her injury i.e. it causes her pain to back
> out of the trailer. But, she backs on the ground fine. So, perhaps I
> just haven't worked on it hard or long enough. She stands for the
> farrier and shots. She doesn't like to be wormed, but we've worked on
> that too and she is much better. She's actually a fun little mare and
> I hate the idea of putting her down. But I hate the idea of her
> suffering much more, and will not just willy nilly give her to
> anyone. I placed an add on equine.com, but didn't feel comfortable
> with the people who responded. If you can help Sunny find a happy
> place to be loved and ridden, please let me know. She's actually
> hilarious and I love her a lot. I wouldn't put small children on her unattended, but with a tune up she'd be suitable for a C level or above pony clubber as a dressage mount, and maybe even a D-3 after she got going again.
> Kelli Broers
> www.cedarglenwelsh. com <http://www.cedarglenwelsh.com>