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    Default When to ship weanling?

    I was hoping to get some opinions on when the best time to ship a weanling would be?

    I've got a 2 month old colt right now, he was sold to Texas in-utero. I was thinking about possibly weaning him at four months, then shipping him at 6-7 months (which would be December or January). I am planning to send him with some Immunall and Gastrogaurd for the trip. Is this too early? What experiances have you all had with shipping babies?

    Any suggestions on who to ship with? I've used Bob Hubbarb in the past, and been satisfied with him. However, I'm open to suggestions as his owners haven't settled on a shipping company yet.
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    Wean at six months and ship at seven months.
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    What VirginiaBred said. Have him shipped in a box stall, when it is cool. I like Equine Express, and since they are based in TX they should be easy to get.
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    Oct. 13, 2008
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    I shipped two last year in December at 7 months old (they were weaned at 5 months),together, in a box stall from MI to FL. They got plenty of hay (and of course water) on the trip and the shipper gave them plenty of breaks. They were better behaved than the older horses he had on the trailer he said, and were very relaxed about the whole thing. I did make sure they were comfortable getting in and out of a trailer before I sent them, and that the shippers had a good reputation for cleanliness and that it was a very direct route to their destination. I have shipped lots of horses all over and had some horrible experiences and lots of good ones. Ask lots of questions and ask for references. Equine Express is one that I have heard lots of good things about but have never had the opportunity to use. Good luck, he will be fine I am sure!

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    Mar. 28, 2006


    I used Equine Express to ship a weanling from Texas to Oregon in 1994, and they were great. But I haven't used them since then!

    More recently I've used McLemore's out of Washington (but they go all over) for many hauls, and they have been great. They are also terrific about keeping in touch via e-mail, which I love. Lots of personal care, since they are owner operated -- again, I love that. I prefer to deal with owners rather than "drivers" -- ie employees, but that's just my personal preference.

    I'd probably wean between 5 and 6 months and ship a month or so after weaning.
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