I have two ponies that I can no longer keep.

The first one is Codee, a rescue pony that I have been working with. He is finally learning to trust, and I would love to see him go to a great home that has experience with abused or project horses. He has loads of potential as a jumper, and would make an adorable driving pony for someone willing to put the time and love into him. He is a small pony (around 12 or 13 hands, I will measure if needed), sorrel with flaxen mane and tail, white socks, and a big blaze.

The second is Kaya Mae, an AQHA filly. She was born small, and as a long yearling (2 in February of next year) she is still the size of my other pony, listed above. She is a lovely cream palomino with the personality of a puppy dog. She is my princess, and my first foal, so this is very painful. It is unknown as to whether she will ever be normal sized, but I'm sure someone willing to get her tested could find out. I would love her to go to a forever home, maybe to be a childs pony or a driving pony one day. She is the bravest, and very eager to learn.

I am in desperate need of homes for these two, as I need to start cutting costs around my barn and home. Please contact me if you can provide a loving home. Can deliver within reasonable distance. I am located in Granite Falls, NC, between Hickory and Boone.

contact me here or at littlemizzcuppycake@live.com