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    Default Gersemi Riding Apparel

    Is anyone familiar with this brand, especially their jackets? I just recently came across their website and have never heard about them, was wondering what they are like.

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    They just started up a few months ago.
    Edit.. and..... I haven't seen any of their stuff in person but I"m hoping at the prices they seem to be asking the stuff is made somewhere other than in china. That's the info I want but can't seem to find *anywhere* even though I heard wierd rumors of the line being the new name for the Kyra K (I guess b/c that only appealed to older dressage riders and they wanted to sell to younger riders with money burning holes in their pockets.. whatever?) or it was a division of the Gap's or H and M's or some similar streetwear fashion designer/merchandising or something( even odder?!).
    Basically- a viral campain to get everyone onto this new 'hip' line. But.. I'd like to at least see the stuff in person!

    EDIT- again.. I see it is the Kyra K renamed. I'm sure it had to do with marketing to a younger rich client.
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    This is the Kyra K line renamed.

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