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    Jun. 25, 2007

    Default Saddle question re: tack color if I decide to try Eng. pleasure?

    I am seriously contemplating attempting to show at some point My guy and I have improved alot and I'm tempted. I currently ride him in a black Wintec Pro Dressage. Dressage just isn't our thing at ALL. My teacher feels an A/P saddle would greatly benefit me in many ways regarding my position, his riding style, get me closer to his back, etc. She is a fabulous eventing teacher and very schooled in H/J too.

    I had posted a while back about trying to find a used Courbette. She gave me some model names to check for....but in the meantime....what color tack is "appropriate" to do a basic Eng. pleasure show? I currently use all black tack. My horse is a grey Appy but his larger spots are varnish and dark chestnut. He is also "speckled" with chestnut all over, and has some significant brown on his face, and has very dark gray points on his legs. His tail is chestnut and gray and down to his hocks (not bad for an Appy, LOL!). His mane is very silver/gray. I personally think he would look amazing in a DARK brown - like a havana color and I have thought of changing tack color for a long time. The black on him is so "stark". I think the brown tack would bring out his chestnut and roan/varnish spots so beautifully.

    One of the Courbettes I am looking at is black AND brown. Kinda' neat. I don't want to limit my saddle choices by color and cost is def. an issue. I can't spend anymore than perhaps $750 for used.

    If I can figure out how to post a pic I would...or PM me and I can email anyone interested in giving an opinion on color or a good A/P saddle. (I'm going to try my friend's Wintec AP but would love other options too.)

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    Jan. 25, 2009
    Rock Chalk!


    I love Havana on most any color of horse. It is classic and develops that lovely patina over the years. I've seen the 2-tone saddles, but am really not a fan. I'd also be concerned about the resale value.

    FWIW, I am not a fan of AP saddles. I had one when I started riding again, and fought my position constantly. My riding improved 500% when I got a CC that put me in a good position.
    A proud friend of bar.ka.

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    Jun. 25, 2007


    Here's a link to pics - these are from Spring 08. His coat was dull and he wasn't in great condition. He looks amazing now Put on weight, topline and muscle and his coat finally shines a bit

    Make sure you look at both pics....his spots are larger over his rump.

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    May. 10, 2009
    NC piedmont


    Any color is fine as long as it matches and is clean. I show pleasure in my Havana tack because I cross over into HUS and that's my hunter tack, and sometimes the classe are back-to-back. But black is fine.

    I like A/P saddles for trail riding and the like, but not as much for schooling. It IS possible to find one that puts you in the correct position, I've ridden in some very good ones (I currently have a Wintec A/P and have shown in that) and some that put me out of position, too. I just find that I prefer a close contact for jumping and a true dressage saddle for dressage. I disagree that an A/P gives more feel-there is a reason there are purpose-specific saddles.

    Bottom line, look for a saddle that fits both you and your horse. It has to sit you correctly on his back and be comfortable for him, no matter what color or style it is.

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    Aug. 7, 2006
    The not-so-frozen North


    You cannot go wrong with havana tack. I think that would look beautiful on your boy and really make him look quite rich-coated.

    I have a two-tone saddle lurking in the basement somewhere - gorgeous thing, slightly more reddish seat and panels than flaps. Can hardly tell but it's pretty. As long as it is muted and professional looking, you should be fine! And, of course, the #1 important thing is FIT... if it fits, and is black, it's no biggie.

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    Nov. 22, 2003


    An English pleasure show? English pleasure in what conyext? Different breeds, disciplines, organizations have their own rules, customs, regional variations, preferences. Look at what specifically you are considering, in the area where you want to show, with the accrediting organization and judges you want to show under, instead of asking an international, multi-discipline, all-breed bulletin board.

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