Hi All--

I typically spend more time over with the Eventer forum, but lurk about on other forums as well. In October I will be doing a ride to help women in my community who are fighting the double battle of breast cancer and poverty.

The basic idea is that my Significant Other and I look for sponsors, do a six mile ride, and then poor women in my community who are being treated at the Lehigh Valley Hospital and eligible for support receive 1,000.00 towards what they need. For example, one woman with two toddlers and Stage 4 cancer was refusing chemo. Why? She had no transportation and one to be with the children while she was at her appointments. The Pink Ribbon Ride moneys went towards child care and a taxi to and from the hospital. Another woman with five children was given a 1,000.00 gift card for her local grocery store so that she could feed her family. These monies have paid for rent, food, electric, heat--anything that is needful.

I choose to support this charity because it helps real women in very real ways, and does not buy a box of pencils or pay a telemarketer's salary. Any level of donation is gratefully accepted--if everyone who reads this email went to my web site and donated 5.00 on the paypal link, that would certainly help the fight against poverty and breast cancer. A small amount of the money raised goes to support the Horse Park which hosts the ride.

Thank you for your consideration. There are links to the Bucks Co Horse Park web site explaining the ride and a link to a paypal account where tax deductible donations can be made. If you would like to send a check, please send me a PM and I will give you an address.

Web site here: http://www.themaresnest.com/

Thanks again.