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    Default Dusty Hay

    Anyone else dealing with dusty hay? I'm wondering if the lousy, wet weather we have had has anything to do with it. I'm currently feeding a 1st cut timothy/brome mix and up until now have had great success with my hay guy, but so far, out of like 30 bales, I've thrown a 4 or 5 bales out. Not seeing mold, or wet, warm hay, but dusty. I decided to soak to be safe, a few already get wet hay, so no stretch. My hay loft has good ventilation and a huge ceiling fan, and considering I haven't had any problems before, I'm assuming it's not a storage issue. I hate to waste hay, but I would hate for sick horses even more!

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    yes white puffs of dust suddenly on bales... its mold, has to be, it didn't start out dusty when I bought it. It has to be the extremely humid and hot weather we've been having here.

    To top it all off I had some flooding this past weekend, lost a lot of bottom bales to water damage.

    I'll be making lots of haybale jumps this month, as I won't be taking a chance feeding it. With the speed at which it turned dusty, I imagine it has to be some type of mold/fungus. I was tempted to just soak it really well, but with the hot humid weather, it might mold as it sits waiting to be eaten. I'm too afraid to even attempt it.

    Its a real shame, has me in a generally crappy mood in fact.

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