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    Default NQR clue? - Noted after grazing

    Have mentioned my NQR horse re: RF hoof or leg. Has been x-rayed, blocked, flexed, etc.
    No def DX - possibly coffin joint and/or carpal canal syndrome. R shoulder much less muscular than left. Horse is 23 y.o. - I have owned him for five. Vet is stumped.
    Short strides sometimes at walk. Better/barely detected on asphalt (than grass or sand.)
    Always off on trot. If horse free canters nothing detected. He is handwalked or ridden lightly at walk only. Adequan did not help. Horse is on dry lot fed out of muck bucket.
    I have been turning him out past couple of months for half hour to hour of grazing.
    I have noted that when I halter him and bring him in - his first several walk steps show much more pronounced NQR/short-stride than usual. He then seems to walk out of it.
    He has slightly more upright RF hoof and does the grazing stance ie preferring LF forward and RF back. I have watched him to see if he keeps his head down when moving around grazing - which I think he does. What could the bad steps after grazing point to?
    I don't seem to notice bad steps when he walks away from his ground level bucket.
    Could this be hoof, tendon, knee, shoulder or what? TIA any thoughts about this ongoing mystery.

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    My lameness vet does a clinical exam palpating all over and hoof testers, walks and trots on ashfault, does flexions, lounges both directions in sand.Have you done nerve blocks? That would be the first thing I would do, be sure to do the blocks seperately. you want to block the low heal (palmar digital nerve block), coffin joint, pastern (seasmoid block) fetlock. If your horse blocks then radiographs correlate clincial exam then an exam. If radiographs are clean then ultrasound or MRI might be needed to get an accurate diagnoses. My gelding was allot like yours, he shridded at the walk in the beginning he had collateral ligament desmitis and over two years developed high articular ringbone, has just been arthrodesed. If he is worse on soft ground I would think soft tissue either in the foot, coffin joint, or pastern from what you describe.

    Best wishes!

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