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Edgewood: I am the one with the Starlight colt out of the TB dam. He was premium GOV at exactly 30 days of age at his inspection. I am sorry to hear your fantastic mare lost her Starlight foal, I was so looking forward to seeing that one!

I am saddened to hear that Starlight may not be coming back to the US. I bred to Starlight his first year standing here in the US. He was not yet fully approved GOV and still needed 3 scores to get his licence. I was on pins and needles for months until he finally got his remaining 3 scores at PSG. Rick was great to work with. I met Starlight at Devon that year (2007) and his groom let me hang out in the stall with him. He was a true gentleman.

My colt is chesnut, a star, a snip and one hind sock to the fetlock. He has a stellar temperment and boy can he sit! He is tall and leggy, but has yet to go thru a gangly WB/ yearling phase. That reminds me I should take some pictures NOW to post on the bulletin board at Devon!

Peskee: My colt is in York, so a hop, skip and a jump away from Manheim. That is very cool!

Ours also is a chestnut with a some high whites and a star. And really big. He was a year old end of July and the size of a 2 YO! Very sweet. As I said he is showing at Fair Hill and DAD. Wish us luck it is his first show. Woops, he did show last year at DAD as a weanie. Does that count?