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    Jan. 11, 2003
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    Default GOV inspection at Rolling Stone Farm August 6th

    Our second large inspection for the week- phew! Inspectors were Holly Simensen and Thomas Rhinow.
    Ten mares were inspected- 9 Hanoverian mares and one Thoroughbred. All were accepted into the Main Mare Book:
    Shirlene (3 y.o.) Stedinger- Whitesinvogue/ Winterprinz 8 for general impression and development, 8 for the trot o & b Mo Swanson
    Lhoretta (3 y.o.) Loerke- Whichita/Waltzertraum Moon 8 for general impressiona and dev, 7.5 trot o & b Mo Swanson
    Regalia PWF (3 y.o.) Royal prince- E.M. Graphitti/Grundstein (full sis to Gold Luck!) 8 for breed and sex type, trot, walk and general impression and development o- Mo Swanson b- Jeannette Leroux
    EM Giadonna (12 y.o.) Gold Luck- EM Donna's Pik/ Pik Bube 6.6 o- Mo Swanson b- Betsy Moorehouse
    EM Gharbo (9 y.o.) Gold Luck- Poppaea/ Prince Orac xx 6.8 o & b Mo Swanson
    Piper (12 y.o.) Pablo- Winterset/Weltmeyer 6.1 She is blind. We put a cow bell on the foal's halter so she would know where it is. o- Mo Swanson b- Marefield Meadows
    EM Wyneth L (5 y.o.) Widmark- Davigna/Davignon 8 for trot o- Mo Swanson b- Pat Limage
    EM Chee Chee (5 y.o.) Contucci- Berimba/ Banter 8 trot, 8 general impression and development Given Non Oldenburg Mare Of Distinction ribbon o- Mo Swanson b- George Walker
    Alure (18 y.o.) Armin- Eden/ Eisenherz I 6.9 o- Mo Swanson b- Performance Breeders
    Merging xx (9 y.o.) Dixieland Heat xx- Miz merger xx I don't have the scores, but she is a really nice TB mare. She is in the AHS Jumper Breeding Program o- Laurie Cameron

    There were 26 foals.

    Premium Foals with Foal of Distinction ribbons awarded:
    Summer Sinclair (filly) Sir Sinclair -Rabelle/ Rambo owned and bred by Henri Tohme
    Quarlotta CBF (filly) Quite Capitol- Merging xx/Dixieland Heat xx o & b Laurie Cameron
    Sharpshooter (colt) Shakespeare RSF- EM Chee Chee/ Contucci o & b Mo Swanson
    Shawnee (filly) Shakespeare RSF- EM Whitney Q/ Weltbekkant o & b Mo Swanson
    Dheputy (colt) Dauphin- EM Rhussia/ Rotspon o & b Mo Swanson Designated a stallion prospect
    Qhuiver (filly) Quaterback- EM Wyneth L/ Widmark o & b Mo Swanson

    Premium foals:
    Sheyenne (filly) Shakespeare RSF- EM Giadonna/ Gold Luck o & b Mo Swanson
    Fhrontier (colt) Farewell III- EM Whallis Blue/ Wallstreet Kid o & b Mo Swanson
    Savoli (colt) Sagnol- Personal Fling xx o & b Marci Barton
    Dhakota (filly) Don principe- Senorita/ Lancet o & b Mo Swanson
    Blues Man (colt) Black Tie- Imperial Hope xx o & b Talley Ruhle
    Whiskey Girl (filly) Welcome S- EM Alectra/Armin o & b Mo Swanson
    Lhonestar (filly) Loerke- EM Dhewpoint/ Dicaprio o & b Mo Swanson
    Ghold Rush (filly) Gold Luck- Anike/ Archipel o & b Mo Swanson
    Shoshone (filly) Shakespeare RSF- Glimmer/ Grundstein I o & b Mo Swanson
    Shotgun (colt) Shakespeare RSF- EM Fhrance/ Fabriano o & b Mo Swanson
    Shiloh (filly) Shakespeare RSF- EM Dhominica/DeNiro o & b Mo Swanson
    Showdown (colt) Shakespeare RSF- EM Amulet/Archipel o & b Mo Swanson

    Other foals were by Shakespeare RSF (2- one was unfortunately slightly lame that day), Sagnol, Gold Luck, Black Tie, Absolute, and Loerke.

    A really high quality group of horses and a fun group of people!
    Large Oldenburg and Hanoverian breeding farm
    Standing Shakespeare RSF, Fhitzgerald, Sir James and the homebred stallion Dheputy.

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    Thanks for the report. Sounds like a lovely group of horses!

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    Jul. 17, 2002
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    Did you have a photographer for your inspections?

    Oh I see in your other posting that you did have a photographer. Looking forward to the pix.

    Is Shakespeare throwing solid colored foals?

    Which mares did you rebreed to Shakespeare?

    One more question -- did you cross him with any Gold Luck mares?


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    Feb. 1, 2003


    I don't know how you do it, Mo!! I'm exhausted just reading your posts

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