Looking around for a husband/beginner safe horse for my husband to try out riding for a year. We are in Greenville, NC. We don't want to buy right now ( I already have my own riding horse and a retired OTTB). So a free lease would be best.
Must be bombproof, we ride out in open fields (in dressage arena without fence) and on trails. He wants to ride English, and will want to w/t/c. Husband is 5'9" and around 180-190lbs. He has ridden my draft cross in the ring at a walk so far and can steer well, knows how to hold reins, start and stop. She's just too unpredictable/spooky on the trail for him.

Doesn't matter what the horse looks like, doesn't need to be fancy. Would prefer an easy keeper, no shoes. No hard keeping TB's. (I've already got one of those). He's strong so a draft cross or bigger horse is fine, if it's quiet and well trained. But he's not real big so a 15.1 or so Qh would work too. If anyone is going away to college or has to take time off riding and would like to lease out their horse, this may be a good opportunity. We have big pastures with run-ins, so we do 24/7 turnout. Only 5 horses on property and we turn them out in groups of two and three. We feed individually and do blanket when needed.

Send me a pt if you may have a horse that will fit in.