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    Default Ode to giveaways

    Ode to the Giveaways:

    I for one know it is a difficult time in this economy where re-homing horses has become a necessity as opposed to a desire. In doing so you hope people give you as much information as possible about the animal, its needs and likes/dislikes. In today’s world we find ourselves re-homing perfectly capable horses that have a value but recognize that selling a horse for a small amount and paying the bills seems silly if you can give one away with some requirements and stop the bill paying. So that brings me to the story.

    I recently assisted some people in re-homing horses that had plenty of value and we choose this route to ensure a great home (to the extent you can play social worker) and to be sure the recipient of the horse was capable to financially take on the new horse. It seems this is a great way for people who can care for a horse but struggle with the initial purchase, to get something special.

    So when we re-homed we told the absolute truth about the animals and their capabilities. Despite saying one particular horse was borderline dangerous and is not being given away for riding; that trainers attempted to level out the mare with training and appropriate medications like depo, it just was not worth the outbursts of energy, albeit rare but bold. She went to a great home to be a fabulous broodmare which is a job she wanted to have…be a mommy.

    So I fielded no less than 200 emails. Most of which started with….I want this horse as a riding horse so what’s the worst she will do? The top funniest responses are as follows:

    My daughter loves them the hotter the better, can we have her? I have a dry sand lot in Texas, although no shelter but it should wear her down so we can ride her, can we get her? We want her but will you pay to ship her to California and the first few months of upkeep cause we are a little tight right now? I think the mare would make a great eventer because she likes to run and it’s okay that she blows up, can we have her? Willing to make trailer arrangements pronto because we have a show in three weeks and my daughter needs a horse to jump. I am pregnant and looking for a safe trail horse do you think this one would work. Gee I know you posted a picture of another horse and noted it was not the one being given away and that you were reusing the ad to save money but I want that one in the picture. (Well no crap its $100,000 horse, I want it too but it ain’t the one for free, did you read the ad?), I see you gave the mare away but we would be a better home so could you call the people and tell them you found a better home so we can have it? (A no----FREAK!). I am a skilled rider and can probably do better than what you all tried, I would like to give it a whirl, when can I get her? I have 12 other mares that all live out together for breeding on 3 acres, I think she would like my facility (okay so I did ask for pictures because I was kind of curious. Pictures came and 2 acres worth were old cars and shrapnel, one acre of sand for the mares). I want your mare and I promise not to sell it (despite the fact the person had over 20 ads online for rehabbed horses that incidentally were given away on coth board not so long ago). The best one – I AM A COWBOY AND I BELIEVE TYING THEM TO TREES UNTIL YOU BREAK THEIR SPIRIT USUALLY CURES THEM OF THIS. I WILL TAKE YOUR MARE AND IF I FIX HER YOU CAN TAKE HER BACK AND GIVE ME $5,000 FOR MY TRAINING.

    So to those that giveaway ex-show horses, bless your hearts for having to field these messages.

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    Some people.....

    I had to give my horse away, and it said in the ad she was only sound for light riding. This one person asked if she could be jumped, and if I though she would be a good eventer. What part of LIGHT RIDING do you not understand?!?

    None of the questions I got where as bad as yours though!!

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