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    Oct. 9, 2008

    Default Anyone heard of this bit?

    My trainer was telling me today how there used to be a type of bit where one half was different then the other. Like one side was a smooth snaffle and the other side had a twist. Something like that. I want to get one for my pony, I have a horrible "right hook" as we call it. My right arm pretty much locks up and holds on the rein whenever I jump. I want to put the softer side of the bit on that side so I dont make his mouth hard on one side, but then I can still have the control I need on the other side.

    Does any one know where I could find one? Has anyone every heard of one?


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    Oct. 4, 2008


    They exist, I have one in horse size. It is a full cheek snaffle, one side is smooth and the other is a slow twist. I don't think it has a fancy name, just call around and describe it to a sales person, or have it made.
    I am not sure it will solve your problem, you need to work on your hands and perfect your position. The bit is designed for a horse who is tougher on one side. (However, it sounds like you are on the way of doing this to your pony!)

    I would do a search at the better tack stores, or online, or post in the wanted section and see if anyone is willing to part with theirs. I admire your trainers thought to protect the side of the pony you are yanking on.

    Keep practicing, and good luck on your bit hunt.

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    May. 5, 2008


    we have some at school... when i am up there next week i will ask where they got them...

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    Apr. 5, 2009
    Kingsville, TX


    I have one too, in a horse size. I forget where I picked it up at though. If I see one I will let you know.

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    Aug. 9, 2009


    To be frank but acknowledging you realizing it may be related to your riding do some exercises that encourage you to have a better FEEL with the naughty hand

    You can ride with a driving rein on your "hook" hand, that is turn your hand over so that your thumbs ace the horses face and this will help you NOT lock so much with your elbow or hand OR you can do another good TOOL which is to just HOLD rein in your THUMB / POINTER AND MIDDLE FINGERS and this may cause some cramping but you will get the point of NOT blocking horse with hand, elbow or other upper body part and learn to turn with lower half.

    OF COURSE PONY could be in need of some retraining if he is encouraging this behavior from you.

    Good luck
    To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart

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    Oct. 30, 2001
    Northern Virginia


    Instead of changing the bit, work on changing the habit. Practice jumping with both reins in the "good" hand and stretching the "bad" hand straight out at your side. If you learn to be less dependent on that rein, it may enable you to soften it up.

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