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    Default Filing a Protest with USEF

    Has anyone here filed a formal protest with USEF? How long did it take to get resolved (and your protest fee returned)?

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    I haven't done so and I'm not even a USEF member, but my understanding based on discussions about it are that it takes a very long time to get a complaint through the channels if it's not "serious" or has major implications, unless the alignment of the moon and the planets is just right and corresponds with scheduled meetings.
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    chapter 6 of the general rules (GR) talks about hearings

    The time line is considerable to allow all parties to meet and since this is people from all over the country you have to allow time. you also have to allow reasonable time for evidence , the accused right to gather evidence and talk to attorney ( if need be)

    they do have timelines defined for many action points but I do not easily find one about when monies will be repaid.

    When published in the magazine the timelines seem to be around a year
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