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    Default Family Traits?

    For those of you who have had several foals by the same stallion, or out of the same mare, do you notice any common family traits? Not so much conformation or movement, but little quirks and things like that.

    For example, all the Harry The Hat (TB) babies we've had have immediately glommed onto my mare, who is decidedly anti-social. They're all large (16.3+), and she's only 15 hands, so it's funny to see them walk around attached at the hip.

    All the Macha Breeze (RID) babies I know can open their back doors, even if they aren't around anyone who teaches them.

    Or, as I was scolding the oldest broodmare's (Hanno) baby for the 100th time today for nipping, I couldn't help but realize that all of her babies are way cheekier than everyone else's, and it always starts with the barn owner's first visit. For some reason, her babies love to go after him!

    Does anyone else notice anything like that amongst their herds?

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    May. 4, 2003


    Not so much, but family traits of looks and markigs always amaze me. How the Tetrach's spots have come through all these generations, a lift hind sock, the "look" in an eye
    (my little one's grandma's eye, not his Mum or his Dad, for sure.)

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    I looked at several Lotus T foals when I was shopping for my "next" horse and LOTS of them have a wavy/curly tail. I ended up with a 3/4 sister instead of a daughter and she has a wavy tail too so I can't blame dad... Maybe his mother? Or maybe Lemgo, who is the sire of Lemgo and of my filly's sire.

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    Oh yeah! I have 2 Fillies who are full sisters, 3 years apart. They may not look the same, but boy do they have many things in common temperament and training wise. I laugh. It's kinda of nice to know what to expect LOL!!
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    I know Ironman's are very easy to break and are usually done by their amateur owners. As far as quirks, Ironman himself is part human, or at least he thinks he is. All of his babies I've known are quite lovey and just happy to stand with you and hang out (including Ironman and Ironrule, the stallions themselves) like they were people. And all Ironman's will eat ANYTHING! Especially if you're eating in front of them. And they love to jump...Jasmin showed this by jumping her mom at 2 hours old and I think it was Ironrule or Ironstar that jumped their paddock (with the electricity on) at 4 months. Come to think of it, they Jasmin and Rule/Star are out of the same mare - Zara (aka Miz Yenko by Zen). Plus they're as cute as can be . Haven't taught them to jump specific jumps on demand yet but that will come
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    I know a morgan mare who has produced something like 4 foals, by 3 different stallions, and every darn one LOVES to nibble on the lead rope walking to and from turnout- none of the many other foals on the farm do this- only Isabella babies! They're all lovey mushes who have a goofy streak, with a heavy dose of BRAINS! Every foal out of this mare just makes me swoon...
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    Talking about similar markings, my mare's two colts have unusual diagonal socks and on the same legs, left front and right rear. Both colts have different sires. They also both have a somewhat large star on their foreheads and a thin strip on the nose, the first colt's being more pronounced in summer coat. The mare has NO leg markings, she's a beautiful dark bay with just one small star on her forehead and an irregular triangular marking on her nose. All her babies are very friendly and highly intelligent. They all love to get into things if left in their space, the filly being the absolute goof and troublemaker of the lot. The other day she got hold of the hose nozzle which was left too close to the fence and by morning my paddocks were soaked. They all go about their mischief in a very calm and determined attitude, seemingly bewildered at my chagrin every time they WRECK SOMETHING!! The funny thing is that the mare doesn't do any of these things. It could be the mare's dam as I heard stories of her great character. I think they really do inherit personality traits and quirks, just like people.
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