I purchased this mare in March to event and keep my two year old company and after tracking down the one honest previous owner she has had other than me and possibly her original breeder she will not be sound for heavy work.

She has an old splint break (hind) and the scar tissue is aggravating her suspensory. That doesn't seem to bother her much but she also has some arthritic changes in the other hock according to my vet after flexion tests. She also came with absolutely terrible neglected hooves, the fronts are now fine, one hind has a crack that is growing out, the other hasn't yet but does not seem to bother her and my farrier seems to think it is very superficial and may be due to an injury to the coronet band, but we aren't sure.

She butes sound but I'm not interested in doing that to a 10 year old. She is also occasionally sound without bute and I've jumped her a little and she is fantastic. Perhaps she would be sound with hoof boots or natural bute-less supplement. Neither of the two owners between the honest one and myself say she took a lame step the entire time they had her-and that included jumping. I have seen the x-rays and ultrasounds and spoke to the vet that treated the injury and she might be sound for light riding or more if she wears hind shoes (which I'm not able to do for safety where I board).

She is an excellent companion and a nice mare to work around-loves attention since she now gets some. She is jumpy every now and again about stupid things, like fly spray sometimes makes her jump backwards but I can give her injections myself with nobody holding her. She is very alert but I don't find her spooky ie. will throw her head up and look but not spin and bolt etc. When she is feeling good she is a fairly forward ride but very responsive to hand, seat and leg. Prefers little contact, and has a really nice Western jog and lope.

Easy keeper, does not like being in a stall. Up to date on everything. She might not be a good broodmare prospect as she didn't take AI for one previous owner, perhaps she would catch live cover.

I would like to find this mare a nice home, she doesn't deserve to be dumped yet again.