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    Apr. 1, 2006

    Default Leaving one horse alone? Any suggestions?

    I just started trailering my horse to various events and have to leave my other horse home alone. She hates trailering so that's really not an option. I tried some B-Quiet today (magnesium/ thiamine) supplement and it seemed to help , or else she could just be getting used to it. She whinnies and runs around for about 40 minutes and then quiets down. She doesn't really eat , but stops screaming. We were gone for 4 hours today and she was nice and quiet when we got home. I just feel bad doing this to her, I feel like she's going to give herself ulcers. Another horse isn't really an option. I was going to talk with the vet about giving her some ace or another sedative. Any other suggestions?

    Thank you!

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    Jun. 11, 2007


    Short of getting another critter (mini donkey, miniature horse, etc) do you make sure she's got plenty of hay to keep her busy? Just a suggestion. I've not had to deal with that before as my boys aren't really herd bound and live next to four other horses.
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    Default tough one..

    I've tried Ace in the same sort of situation but my horse blew right through it. I would have to give him too much (like not safe to leave him alone he was so drugged) to keep him quiet enough. This might not be the case with your horse though so you could try it.

    Do you have any neighbors with horses that you could borrow when you go away? As long as they get alone in the field, or even put them in fields next to eachother (not sure what your set up is) she might feel better.

    If all else fails i'd get a mini donkey. My horse was turned out for a month with a mini donk and he was SO happy. I was told the mini donkey was very low maintenance and a life saver for horses that need individual turn out (but don't like it) or horses on stall rest. My horse and the mini donkey actually shared a stall and he'd (the donkey) shared stalls with any horse that needed him. I'm totally going to get one if I ever have horses at home again.

    Good luck!

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    Apr. 1, 2006


    Thanks! She does have plenty of hay but won't really eat it. I'd love to get a mini donkey, although I think I'd need two. We have paddocks attached to our 2 stalls, but we have to walk them a couple houses down to the end of our street to the pasture. I'm away at school most of the year and I'm not sure my parents could handle turning 3 horses out (leading them all at once) and I don't think they would want to make 2 trips. So I think I'd need two so they could just stay in the paddock and keep each other company. Which means I'd need to build another stall! If only it wasn't so complicated! Anyone by chance want to lend me a mini for August?

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    Jul. 16, 2009
    Northeastern PA


    My friend has my school master QH, who is my god daughter's first pony--there are just her horse and my old guy on the property. At first, her guy was so herd bound he would kick the boards down in his stall if she had my guy out being ridden while he was in the barn. If he was out, he would chase the child's pony and be dangerous.

    Eventually they were able to be parted for on-property riding. When she first started taking my guy to pony club and 4-h functions, her horse would kick the stall walls down, pace, scream, and completely become overwrought. Various tranqs did nothing.

    However, they just kept on keeping on, and finally the meds did take the edge off. Now, they have weaned him off the drugs and he calls a little and then settles down and munches his hay and all is well. This from the horse that broke down his well built stall several times!

    So, just keep on separating and once it becomes a little more routine, the left behind will most likely settle. We none of us thought we'd ever see my friend's horse anything other than a wreck without his pal.

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