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    Jan. 9, 2009
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    Default How does this work again?

    Wandering over from the Eventing forum as I'm thinking of putting Patrick in a local hunter show to see if our new found ability to maintain a consistent pace on course is actually repeatable in a show atmosphere.

    I don't particularly care about the ribbons, but when in Rome...

    So, I gather I need to ditch the square saddle pad for a shaped fleece one, and swap his figure 8 noseband for a plain one. He already goes in a D-ring snaffle, so we're okay there. No boots, no martingale... anything else you can think of?

    (RAR... are you going to be there September 5th?)


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    Feb. 1, 2001
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    You can certainly use a (standing) martingale in the over fences classes - just make sure you remove it for the flat (called a "hack" class.)

    You are correct about the fitted white pad and regular noseband.

    Hunters are all about showing a smooth, consistent pace and meeting the jumps at a consistent takeoff distance. Use an opening circle - called a courtesy circle - to create the pace you want before heading to the first jump, and do another circle at the end of the course to do a smooth transition back to the trot or walk.

    Make sure you do walk in and out of the gate - trotting/cantering is penalized.

    Have fun!
    We move pretty fast for some rabid garden snails.

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    gloves - black, breeches - tan or puke green. No boots on the horse of any kind in the hunters. Boots are fine in the eq. or jumpers... have fun, that's what it's all about.

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