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    Jan. 30, 2008

    Default Odd mare signs in heat

    Maybe I am really just too paranoid as a horse owner, maybe I am seeing too much into something but I want to see if anyone else on the COTH board has had this happen to them before.

    My draft mare Smoke, for the past 3 years, has bled some when she was in season. I have had a reproductive vet come out from our area, he said it was fine, don't worry about it, it is normal, etc. He did a check of her vaginal walls, said they were thin and that is what the bleeding was from.

    However, this year, it looks like she is actually honest to goodness bleeding down her back leg, her buttocks, and tail. I took photo's as I just have never seen a mare do this and I have worked in Arabian breeding farms, Thoroughbred farms, and then other peoples mares and none of them ever bled like this when in heat. It is very unnerving to me, so I took photo's this time to show the vet coming out tomorrow who is a reproductive vet out of Marshall and hopefully she can give me some better answers to my questions. My gut feeling says this is just not right.

    Has anyone else seen this? If this was your mare would you be concerned or what would you do? And the few vets I have talked to here say they are not that versed in drafts, their make up is different than light horses and some actually were left scratching their head.

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    Jan. 30, 2008

    Default one has seen this before?

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