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    FigureEight Guest

    Default Anyone have the same experience??

    I fell in love with my friend's horse. I want him so badly, but i know i'll never get him. It brakes my heart evertime i see him because i love him so much. I know sheloves him to, but they rly dont get along great sometimes and thtmakes me want him even more. I feel amazing while i'm around himand idon't want to ride if I cantride him. I DON'T knowwhat to do HELP!!!

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    Jul. 23, 2009
    Bradenton, FL


    This hasn't happened to me. Do you have a horse of your own?

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    FigureEight Guest


    no sadlyi don'twhich makes it worse anyadvice?

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    Jun. 1, 2007


    I thought the same thing about oh.... 8 horses. And every time another really cool one would come along. And then one day.. Roany pony came along and no one liked her but me and my friend. And she leased her... And I was allowed to lunger her on Mondays. And then, magic of magic... my Dad bought her for me. SO... if he's meant to be your horse.. it'll work out. i still have Roany pony and she is now 26 years old. I've also found my other once in a lifetime horse and had to beg my trainer for 2 years to sell him to me. So... it'll happen if he's really your soul horsey. But... I thought the first 8 I adored were too.

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    FigureEight Guest


    thanks tht helps a bit

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    Aug. 16, 2005
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    Quote Originally Posted by FigureEight View Post
    I feel amazing while i'm around himand idon't want to ride if I cantride him.
    Unfortunately, life isn't fair. You sound like a very young girl who loves horses because of the emotional connection - since you enjoy spending time with him so much, can you talk to your friend and see if you can spend some time every week grooming him? I know it will be hard not be able to ride him, but if you like him that much, some bonding time is better than none.

    Other than that, the best way to have a horse the horse of your dreams is to go to school, get a job with a good salary, and buy one that nobody can take away from you.
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    Mares are like neutrons. If there are too many in an area, you approach critical mass. And then there are explosions. Loud ones.

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    Nov. 7, 2006
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    It's a little like falling in love with someone else's boyfriend. It really hurts .... but after a few years, you learn not to do it and it doesn't happen any more.

    What you can do, though, is put a plan together to get your own horse. What might you do to persuade your parents that a) they can afford one, and b) that you will work really hard to keep him ?

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    Jan. 4, 2006


    I have to agree with a lot of what the others said, especially FleckenAwesome.

    In my younger years (I'm 31 now), I loved almost EVERY lesson horse I rode, and I even cried when some were sold. Even in the past maybe 10 yrs I've really *really* liked some horses I took lessons on, and tried to come up with ways to lease or buy them, and always thought "Oh, but he likes me better." or "She can't ride him as well as I can". Alas, it was not to be to have any of those ponies, and I was always a little disheartened.

    Until I found Alfie. He needed the right person to come along to really understand and like him, and for some cosmic reason, that was me. And yes, even as an adult I knew that my FT job wasn't enough to keep Alfie around, so I have a little PT thing too.

    So spend what time you can with this horse, and every horse, for that matter, so you have a lot of good experience with handling them, learning about them, reading their temperments, etc. Save your pennies and work really hard and then go out and find that horse you really know is yours. It might suprise you where you find him, too. So don't just settle on the one thats in front of you.
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    Jan. 16, 2002
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    I would never want to be young again.

    Keep riding, expose yourself to as many horses as you can, and become a great rider in the process. The right horse has a way of finding YOU.
    Click here before you buy.

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    Mar. 29, 2008


    I think there is medication for that.....
    To test unconditional love - put your dog and your boyfriend into the trunk of your car for an hour. Who is happy to see you when you come back? That's unconditional love...

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    Feb. 9, 2009
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    Oh yeah, I got to school a horse for a girl I knew,(won't call her friend, because she was sooo above me) he was an OTTB and way to hot for her, he knew it and took full advantage. He was wonderful for me, but after about 6 months her parents decided he needed a trainer. So they took him. Did not bother to tell me, so I show up ready to take him out and he was GONE. I really thought I would die from a broken heart. I didn't and then I got my (first) once in a lifetime horse, who was a rescue.
    It is not easy, but Save your pennies, let your parents know you are serious about a horse, WORK for it, and it will be worth it. Eventually.

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    Oct. 10, 2006
    Northern, VA

    Default Opposite experience?

    I actually feel bad for people who meet my horse because he is so amazing. Have you asked this friend about leasing this horse or taking lessons on him? I PROMISE you, there is an amazing horse out there, just waiting for you. If I found mine, you will find yours. I do admire your passion! I've been there - although I would've been happy with anything that even resembled a horse

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