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    Default Nice Update on AC4H's 'Lanky Bob'

    So who remembers that batch of ASB's that many of us ransomed from the AC4H broker last fall? ( I check in every once in a while with one of the women who adopted the one we called Lanky Bob that she named Barack, who is Sandy MN on this board. I just got this great update on him from her:

    Barack is amazing - a gentle giant - so willing to please and such a fun mount! He is a gutsy trail boy - plows through deep water and leads the way when other's horses balk and quit! He is the top man in his pasture but is never a bully. Has never kicked, bucked or tried to bite. Learned to trailer load like a pro. Stands like a trooper for the farrier. Lets me walk right up and halter him in the paddock, stands like a rock while I mount and doesn't step off until I tell him I'm ready - a real gentleman Jim! Everyone at the barn is crazy about him ( of course I have directed them all to the saddlebred rescue website!)

    Only thing I'm having concerns with is his weight. He's never really put back on the weight he had in the broker photos and all of you guys felt he looked thin in those! I have him on as much really good hay as he'll eat, Smart pack's Smart Gain, Mor Glo, and a cup of vegetable oil every day and he still looks a bit "ribby". But the vet, farrier and equine dentist say he looks very healthy - thin - but healthy. Have you ever had weight issues with any horses - any tricks you could pass on?
    I was thrilled to hear that he was doing so well, and also wanted to solicit tips on putting weight on him. His teeth are up to date and he doesn't have ulcers, per the vet.

    He's a teenage 16'2" bay saddlebred gelding.
    Here is his Xmas pic:
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    Wow, that is so great to hear 'Lanky Bob' is doing so well and sounds like a real diamond in the rough. What a great save Sandy made.

    I don't have any grand weight gain ideas except if you have access to some decent pasture, nothing seems to put weight on better then good grass. I have also had some nice results with Omega Horseshine (flax based supplement) for whatever reason, with my not-always-so-easy keeper ASB gelding.

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    I am so glad to hear that, I was a big fan when he was posted here!

    For putting on weight, I've heard amazing things about beet pulp- I've finally started feeding it to my air ferns even, because I'm having hay quality issues. It is apparently higher in calories per pound than hay, and more digestible as well.

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    I love these updates!!!
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    What a handsome boy he is.... sounds like he's got a good brain and it is great to hear his mama is enjoying him!

    As far as weight gain, I'd worm aggressively (under the supervision of her vet) continue with the good hay, good pasture, and some alfalfa. She could try an RB with quality aminos... I suspect some ASBs are like TBs in that they need quality protein to keep their toplines and muscles! Maybe some of the ASB folks will weigh in with some more specific ideas....
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    WOW!! He is so cool. What a nice outcome for both.

    I have a 22 yr. old American Saddlebred that is a challenge to keep looking the way "I" want him to look. I have tried lots of different tactics over the years. From what I have learned here on COTH I have to say that he looks better now than he did when he was 10.

    #1. Add some soaked alfalfa cubes or pellets to his intake, over and above everything else that he is getting. I like to give 2 extra "snacks" a day of alfalfa gruel. If you can only manage 1 snack a day, it is still better than trying to add it all at his feedings. Start with just a cup or so, and gradually increase from there until you feel he is gaining from it.

    #2. Blue Seal Sunshine Plus, can add up to 1 lb. a day. (30% protein) and added amino acids.

    #3. Omega Horseshine, up to a cup a day. ( I can't remember if you said he is already getting that or not)

    He also gets BS Vintage Senior, he has gotten that for years, but I did not see the improvements in his "filling out" over the backbone, rump, hipbones, RIBS, etc. until I added the above protein rich items to his daily feed. He also gets free choice hay, half Orchard Grass and half Timothy.

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