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    Jul. 16, 2009

    Question Boarding barn near Conroe, TX?

    Hi everyone-

    This is my first time posting (first of I'm sure what will be many!) and I'm wondering if you all can help me out.

    I JUST found out I will be moving to Conroe (Houston), TX in November and am wondering if you all have any recommendations for boarding barns.

    I would still like to take lessons. I have gotten into eventing this past year and purchased my first horse in January after having started riding 3 years ago. We are by no means your "serious" eventer, but hope to be at a level to compete at rated shows in the next year.

    MUSTS for a barn (aside the important basics: safe fencing, quality hay/grain, adequate pasture, safe/secure facility, good management, etc. etc. etc.)
    -pasture board with run in's/adequate shade (and free choice hay) or stall board with turnout- he is a bit of a hard keeper.
    -Arena for riding with jumps (indoor, lighted, covered, a plus! but not necessary)
    -wash racks and cross ties

    Would also like:
    -Trails or trail access
    -trainer on site
    -facility that provides shipping to shows (for a fee, of course)
    -barn lounge and restroom
    -area for tack storage

    Would NOT like:
    -a facility that primarily does only lessons (aka a lot of kids running around)
    -a facility that requires riders to be neatly turned out while just riding (ie. won't allow tank tops, requires polo shirts, has to have all hair completely under helmet)

    I am sure I will think of more, but this is a start. It is going to be hard to leave the barn Im at now as it is PERFECT in every way: the people, trainer, management, facility, all the trails, the atmosphere... it could not be any better. Leaving where I am now will be the hardest part of this whole move.

    I could also use recommendations on farriers (currently barefoot, may add front shoes in the future), vets, Equine chiro & massage therapists, and trainers in the area.
    If any of you have moved your horse like this before (800 miles), do you have any tips?

    Finally, what is the Eventing scene like there? Are there a lot of opportunities for schooling shows? What about Jumpers and Dressage? Any information you are willing to share is much appreciated!!

    Thanks so much!!
    "The air of Heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears" (Arabian Proverb)

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    Mar. 19, 2003
    Palestine, TX


    I wasn't into eventing when I was in the area, but you may cross-post on H/J or Off Course, as I know there's quite a few posters in the Conroe area.
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    Oct. 31, 2001
    West of insanity, east of apathy, deep in the heart of Texas.


    There are a bunch in the Conroe area, but I would highly recommend TexOver Farm. They're just off I-45, off the Creighton Road exit. Everything you could possibly want, including on-site training and transport to shows, they can provide. The farm is lovely, and has everything one could want. The instruction ain't bad, either.
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    Nov. 5, 2002
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    Is Jennifer Bodtman at Double J Farms still in Conroe??
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    Jul. 16, 2009


    Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I'll either be actually in Conroe, or just south in the Woodlands. It seems that with all of the websites I am looking at so far a covered arena is pretty standard down there (whereas where I live now, it is considered to be more of a luxury for higher-end barns.) Am I imagining that? I would guess that in the summer, riding down there is reserved for early morning or night because of the heat?
    "The air of Heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears" (Arabian Proverb)

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    Oct. 26, 2002
    Youngsville, LA


    Quote Originally Posted by ridefree View Post
    I would guess that in the summer, riding down there is reserved for early morning or night because of the heat?
    Exactly! I find the evenings much easier heatwise than the mornings, but you really have to watch yourself sometimes. The upside is that you can ride pretty much all winter long

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    Feb. 28, 2005
    At the barn, of course!!!!


    I board and Scarlet and Grey. Its a beautiful farm, with tons of trails (150 Acres), a covered ring, 3 jump arenas and two dressage arenas (standard and small). It is just behind the woodlands.
    Kristy Limon is the trainer out there. She does a lot of eventing, and we all love her!

    Cornerstone is a lesson barn, from what I understand. I think they do have boarders, but also lots of kids that just take lessons (I only mention it b/c you said you do NOT want that). I dont ever see them at any of the horse trials, so I dont know if they do any eventing. I think the owner only does Show Jumping???

    TexOver doesnt do any eventing, and they have very limited turnout. The barn is VERY (over)crowed.

    Jennifer Bodtmann is not in Conroe at Double J anymore. She sold it several years ago.

    Feel free to PM me with any questions!

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