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    Default Polo Wraps with Neoprene Lining

    These are new to me. Standard polo wraps with a thin layer of neoprene stitched in for the first 44 inches excluding the first 15" fleece. Anyone ever seen or used these? Anyone know where you can buy them?

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    I would (and I do) stay away from neoprene. It creates too much heat, which could lead to soft tissue injuries. The whole point of polo wraps is to make and keep legs warm quicker (than say normal warmup, hence polos come from race tracks), to prevent injuries resulting from exercising on "cold tendons and/or ligaments." Neoprene will definitely create heat, but in excessive amounts, you will also get a lot of sweat and neoprene does not allow for air circulation.
    Neoprene polos sound like a horrible idea to me. I think the reason they came up with them is to prevent fabric from stretching.
    I gave up any type of boots with neoprene after I saw how hot and sweaty my guys were under boots. Its an injury waiting to happen.
    I use polos from Lami Cell, first half of it is fleece and second is elastic. They provide small amount of warmth, keep legs dry and allow for air circulation and give somewhat of support (if you believe that polos provide support.) And they look totally awesome on a horse

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    Totally agree about the neoprene - HATE the stuff and will NOT use it on any of my horses anymore. It is amazing how much heat builds up with the stuff. My mare had a reaction to the stuff after only wearing neoprene splint boots for about an hour of turn-out. Her legs were incredibly hot after and she wasn't happy. I had knee surgery awhile back and had a neoprene knee brace - it was the most uncomfortable thing to wear due to the heat and sweat from it. I know it has its purposes but I won't use the stuff anymore.

    I personally haven't seen polo wraps w/ part neoprene in them yet. The Lami-Cell ones looks cool though .
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    Equifit's T-sport wraps are my recommendation, for all of the reasons cited above. They provide good support for hacking and my horse's legs stay dry (or mostly dry) under them without heat. I love them.

    Neoprene boots are sweat factories. I used some of the wrap-around ones once and sold them immediately after that. Too hot.
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