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    Default Yet another hoof question re: boots

    My poor gelding has only a stump of a foot on one of the fronts. He has no hoof at all. Farrier and I agreed no nails, she said she isn't good at the glue ons, and without a nail or 2 they probably wouldn't stay on anyway. So, she suggested casting the fronts and leaving the backs bare. We are assuming the backs have better sole (although the clip from the last shoe got him pretty good--he is sore), so we leave them be.

    So this is our plan of action. I have decided to have boots on the back feet if needed. I have heard good things about the Easyboot glove. This horse is a wiz at figuring out how to undo the velcro on the epics. If I do the glove and he gets the velcro off, provided the boot is a good fit, would it come off?

    And as for fit, if he normally wears a 1 in the Epic, is it comparable to the glove sizing? Or would I have to get the fit kit and take it from there? Thank you for any advice you can give on the Glove boot.

    Good thing is that he is comfy with the casts. I will try to ride him lightly to see how sore he will be--farrier says he should be fine.

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    I would think if done right, glue-ons would stay on just fine. What worries me more is that your horse has "stumps" of hooves on the fronts. I would primarily investigate why this is. Is it due to diet (too much NSC or lack of copper & zinc or compromised gut?) or over trimming? Do you have pictures to share?

    Generally speaking, the hinds do not need boots, although there are some exceptions and your horse may be one. The gloves will only work well on hooves that are reasonably balanced. They do not tend to fit long and forward run hooves very well. If the gaitor comes undone, the boot will usually come off as well, although typically it is the other way around and the gaitor tends to keep the boot attached to the horse.

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