THis may be a bit premature, but I want to start putting "feelers" out for a student of mine. He has "outgrown" this horses capabilities, he would like to start lower level eventing, but before finding another horse he will have to home this guy. THis is not a "rush" situation at all, and horse is in no danger of ever going anyplace bad! He has learned a lot from this guy and someone could benefit from him as well.

The horse is about a 14 yr old (according to vet) Tb cross, supposedly an AMsih TB/saddlebred cross, but that is not verifiable. He is probably 16.1 or so and not a heavy built guy. He has no special needs and currently is boarded on 24/7 pasture board. He is a GREAT trail horse and really enjoys that the most, but does work in an areana as well (although with lots of arena work he can sometimes get a little balky, so needs his "time out" on the trails). He is a good low level dressage mount, can jump small stuff up to say about 2' maybe 2'6" with a more comfident rider and conditioning, just doesn't seem to want to do anything to big or complicated, possibly hilltop etc. But again, jsut a great trail horse! He is not a "deadhead" he does have some energy but is not a crazy uncontroallable guy at all. He doesn't though want to go out and jump by himself on a cross country course, which holds this rider back, although with a bit stronger rider he probably would. He is a horse that you can learn from but not a complete beginner horse in my opinion, although his owner, a mid-40's man, bought him and had never really done any real riding, so he tolerated him. He is still not the most secure rider. He has a few quirks, but nothing terrible. I sometimes see some stiffness behind, but he never has looked lame just needs to warmup well, may benefit from joint supplements, not sure if he is on anything. He does require brushing boots behind as he travels close. He can be a cute mover when he relaxs and comes forward from behind. Plenty of years left in this guy. I know a good home is more important than $$$ to these people. He is located in piedmont NC near Raleigh. I do not have pics, but could get some. PM me or email I will be "prescreening" potential homes, and again we are jsut putting out feelers right now and starting the process, I would say he'd like to have a place for him by next spring, or late fall this year.