I see some posts about riding clothes: I ride English, and I try to buy
breeches and riding shirts at local thrift stores. Breeches can be hard to find, but there are many polo type shirts in second hand stores.

Also, as for zippers in boots: yes, I had my Effingham boots adorned with zippers a year or so ago. This makes the boot much easier to get on/off, and much safer in case an ankle gets sprained.

A zipper broke a few months ago, and, as a backup, I had velcro strips sewn on each side of the zipper. So, the zippers are in the back of the boot and the velcro, with matching black leather backing, runs almost the entire length of the zipper. So, if a zipper breaks...and I'm on the trail, etc., the velcro is VERY strong and will not pull apart unless great force is used.

I highly recommend velcro for your boots, chaps, etc.