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    Default Barefoot horse out 24/7 who enjoys wading...

    I love love LOVE my boarding barn. My 10 year old OTTB is out 24/7 and he's doing great. Hasn't cribbed since he's been there, holding his weight and is pretty content with his life. The only problem is his feet

    He's been barefoot for over a year but only at this farm for 2 months. There's a creek that goes through the field and his favorite past time is wading in it like a water buffalo

    His feet have gone down hill fast. The ground is dry so the wet of the creek to the dry of the field really messes them up. I'm afraid his feet are going to chip away. I have Keratex hoof hardener that I put on today after he was trimmed, is there anything else I can do? He doesn't get grain so a hoof suppliment would be hard. (my horse went from racehorse to feral.. he lives almost totally naturally and he loves it!)

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    You can mix any supplement also with bett pulp, hay or alfalfa pellets. Excessive chipping often means that the hooves are perhaps due for another trim, so consider that too Perhaps they are also rebalancing from more movement which might actually be a good thing !
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    My horses all wade through the creek on my farm and none have chipping issues because of it.

    I would consider reevaluating the trim.

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    I live in a swamp and have recently discovered the best thing to keep a horse's hooves dry is a 50/50 mix of koportox and thompsons water seal (keep it off the cornory band, but safe on the rest of the hoof) applied as often as you'd like. I do it every day in the summer because of how wet it is, but it should be fine a couple times a week. It should help seal out the water if allowed to dry properly. =)

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