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    Default Grooming tips?

    I'm in need of money so I was thinking of offering to muck stalls, groom horses, ect. for a little money. Do you guys have any simple tips to really make horses shine? I know how to groom a horse, but how can I make sure[or try!] to get people to have me groom for them again? I'm 15, by the way.

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    wildride5 Guest


    Aside from elbow grease, I like to use Ultra Final Touch shine spray to get a really glossy appearance. I like Pepi coat conditioner as well. They make the horse a little greasy, but I prefer that to the slick Showsheen puts on the horse.
    Another trick I like to use is dumping a little hot oil treatment or baby oil into some warm water and sponge it on after a bath and leave it on overnight. I heard mayonnaise works too, but I always felt it was gross. It also really helps tone down the orange color bays and chestnuts can turn after body clipping.

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    Beautiful coats come from 1) a good feeding program and 2) LOTS of currying and rubbing. I never use any kind of product on my horses' coats, only on the skirt of the tail. Learning to do, and spend time on, a thorough grooming is invaluable. Then, perfect your trimming and mane pulling skills, too, to really finish the job off well.
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    Grooming is the best part

    First and foremost, a good long currying will really bring a shine out. Many people resort to a coat supplement. Although beneficial sometimes, there is nothing like a good currying. I'm talking hours worth.

    Use VERY little water in your routine. Rubbing a moist towel over them after your first currying to pick up the dirt is certainly okay. Any more than this can really harm the coat overtime. It strips the coat of it's natural oils leaving you a dull itchy horse. I will admit to using whitening shampoo weekly on a horse's socks but that's it. If you groom a gray or paint.. this isn't really an option just maintenance.

    I swear by Healthy HairCare products. Stay away from silicon based products such as show sheen. Show sheen is excellent for the show ring only. If used daily this leaves the tail very brittle. The silicon based products also attract dirt.

    For tails, as little grooming as possible. A daily picking is all you should need. A weekly brushing is certainly acceptable, starting from the bottom of course.

    Don't forget the head! Too many people, especially young riders, don't pull out the stool and really do a good job on their horse's head. After a hard workout make an effort to wash their head along with the rest of the body. The bridle leaves sweat marks which loose hair over time.

    Leave those whiskers! Unless you have a horse showing on a weekly basis or in their off time.. leave the whiskers. This is important in the nose and eyes. A bridle path as well as clipping the ears and legs is certainly acceptable, almost customary in most breeds/disciplines. Ask the owner what the breed standards are.

    Have fun and curry away.

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    lots and lots of currying. i highly recommend getting a metal curry for this. i used a rubber curry on the legs sometimes and definitely on the face. really put some weight into the currying- that's how you get them clean and shiny. and of course, clean the brushes on a regular basis. i think the currying cannot be said enough, otherwise i think HJPony gave you good advice re-tail, etc

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