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    Feb. 23, 2008

    Default Horses and Cars (not what you think!) :D

    So has anyone else found that they refer to automotive things in horse terms? After several intensive years of working with horses every day of the week, I found myself saying to the auto-mechanic last week: "It's the right hind." when I had a leak in the right rear tire.

    The car can also feel "NQR" or "a little off". I occasionally cluck at my own car, such as when we need to climb a steep or rough spot on a dirt road. And I swear I've caught myself half-halting on the approach to a stop sign.

    Anyone else have "horse terminology leakage" into other areas of life?

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    May. 12, 2000
    NE TN, USA


    I keep trying to get my riding mower to half-pass...
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    Jun. 15, 2007
    The Goodland, CA


    I think I half-halt at all stops too. I know I definitely sit down into my seat, and shift my weight back the way you signal a halt with a horse, and pull my arms back a bit. And I shift my weight forward when I press down on the gas to accelerate.

    When my parents gave me the CR-V, I told a friend I was getting some new horsepower, which she interpreted as a new "horse." I'd admit, I was a tad naughty for leading her on by saying it was a blood-bay draft mare. But my car is officially known as my 145 horses. As in me joking around with someone at my barn who had 2 horses and a pony. She was a much younger girl, and she rode up and told me that the pony she was riding on was her pony. I of course asked how many horses she had, and she said three. I then replied that I had 145 horses and a pony, thus cuing a very pointed look at my nearby car.

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    May. 12, 2008
    Rocky Point Farm


    I've seen a lot of overlap between cars and horses. I've heard bad brakes referred to as "trouble getting whoa'd up," putting on a little more speed as "putting the spurs to her" and I can't for the life of me get on a bicycle or motorcyle from the wrong side.

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    Sep. 12, 2008
    Central NY

    Default Absolutely!

    I had to walk two dogs yesterday and noticed a long low "whooooaaa" coming out of my mouth whenever they started pulling. The terminology certainly works just as well with dogs (& men!)

    But not my pick up truck.

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    Jun. 29, 2008
    San Diego


    Before having to take my car into the shop a few weeks ago, I was trying to explain to a (non-horse) mechanically minded friend what was going on with what I thought was my transmission. I told him it felt like when I was just beginning to drive my car would start fine, then I could feel the hind end coming up under me and like a big buck was coming, after the buck all would be fine. I guess with all my hand and body motions on how it felt he was able to figure it all out- a few new spark plugs and my car is no longer bucking!
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