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    Default Careers with horses?

    I really would like a career with horses, either as a primary or secondary job. I'm not quite sure what I want to do, but is there any certain classes or anything that I should focus on[high school] that would help with certain career choices? (:

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    Not really, unless you want to go to vet school or your high school offers horse-specific classes.

    You should volunteer -- maybe at a horse rescue or therapeutic riding facility. You could also work in exchange for riding or maybe try to intern with someone in the business side of horses.

    If you are really serious, you might start looking into colleges with equine programs and what they offer and what requirements you need to get accepted.

    Also try to find scholarships for horse-related courses, such as The Race for Education, which offers scholarships in the racing industry (
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    Possible jobs:

    Direct horse jobs: trainer, breeder, groom, catch rider, veterinarian, vet tech, photographer, barn owner/manager, saddle fitter...

    Indirect horse jobs: feed or drug sales rep, writer/journalist, artist, equine science researcher (genetics, physiology - can also be direct horse job), insurance agent, freestyle music choreographer, tack shop owner/worker, farm realtor, farm accountant, USDA employee...

    I'm sure there are more but it gives you an idea.

    You can do anything and relate it to horses in some way if you really want to and are willing to sacrifice other things, such as where you live (ie, you may need to move to Kentucky to work on a horse magazine), your salery (ie, direct horse jobs don't pay a lot), hours (ie, vets are on call a lot), working conditions (ie, office vs. your car), etc.

    Think about what you like. Do you like art or math or biology? Don't focus so much on "horses" but on the type of things you like to do first. You have plenty of time - enjoy the journey.

    Good luck.

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    There is a book that I have, can't recall the name at the moment, but it lists all sorts of different horse-related careers with brief info about them. It then goes state by state (and later lists international schools) and lists the schools that offer any sort of equine program (whether it's equine management or vet school or farrier school etc...). The listings of the school indicate which programs are offered, tuition rates, info about the school and programs etc. I found it VERY helpful.

    I was and still am considering vet school (though right now my major is Forensic Chemistry- strongly thinking about changing my major after the first year), so I went through the book and circled all the schools that had vet programs. I then researched them and highlighted all the ones I was interested in looking at.

    ETA- Found it! Here's the book I was talking about. You really should look into it!
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    Milo, you don't have to change your major to go to vet school. Vet schools accept any major, as long as you have the required classes (biology, chemistry, organic chem, biochem, writing, calculus, physics, etc), top grades and good GRE scores. Each vet school lists their required classes on their website. You should make a chart and figure out how to schedule your classes so you can meet the requirements for multiple vet schools. It is also helpful to have extra science classes. The advantage to being an Animal Science major is that most of the required classes for your major are the same ones that are required for vet school. Also, the big state ag schools offer a lot of extra classes like animal nutrition, physiology of reproduction, that look good on your application and are not available at a liberal arts school.

    OP, you may want to look at an animal science major at a big state university. Most of their grads will go on to work in an animal related field. My daughter had lots of job opportunities for jobs with decent pay after finishing her animal science degree at the University of Maryland. She went to vet school, and now doesn't earn all that much money for the hours that she works, but is happy.

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