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    Default Countryside Alliance Idea

    Okay, I am a big Gordon Ramsey fan and love watching him on "The F Word" when he hunts his own food or raises his own food. In fact, I am sort of impressed that it is actually shown on tv. For instance, he caught a hare with an Eagle once and cooked it for his children, and each season he raises animals, slaughters them and cooks them. It is probably very educational and appealing to pure food yuppies. So the thought occurred to me - shouldn't the Countryside Alliance or the Sportsman's Alliance do something with this concept in order to promote and protect hunting? We all know that absolutely nothing beats fresh food - weather you grow it or catch it, and the food snobs out there might latch on and try it. It might be a way to bridge the gap. Any thoughts?

    Or is this not related? Thought about our rabbit and fox hunting in peril, and ways to undo the misconceptions. One of the prime reasons to hunt is to eat! But I've never eaten a fox.

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    I can see where you are going with this but I don't think most pure food yuppies would latch on to the idea. That crowd is either vegan/vegetarian or trendy suburbanite/city dwellers who just buy whatever at the markets. You can't really sell hunting and certainly not try to promote Foxhunting to either one of those crowds. The veggies generally abhor anything of that sort or simply want nothing to do with it for obvious reasons while the urban health eaters don't care unless they have a taste for game. In short, you can't really sell it to anyone who isn't already interested. The best way to promote Foxhunting to those who do not understand it or know much about it is to separate it from the stigma that the word "hunting" often carries with it in the eyes of those who do not engage in such activities. How you do that exactly, depends on who you are trying to promote the activity to and what their beliefs are. Obviously there are many urban people who think that chasing an animal with the intent of killing it for any reason other than survival or safety is just plain wrong. So, one must remove the notion of killing for pure sport from their minds when discussing things like Foxhunting with those who do not participate in it. One of the things that I picked up on when discussing Foxhunting with the locals is that they specifically made a point of the fact that they do not chase the fox with the intent of killing it but rather to simply invoke it's natural behavior to run from potential predators and that the foxes who do end up injured from the chase or killed by hounds are exceedingly rare instances of what would otherwise happen in nature to those foxes who are too old and weak, unlucky, or simply not fit enough to survive being chased by other natural predators. At least that's how it came across to me. I'm sure JSwan will shoot me if that's not correct.
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    Default They've done it, more or less

    For about 10 years, if I remember correctly:

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