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    Jun. 18, 2009

    Default Pony Jumpers

    What circuits have Pony Jumpers (Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky)? I have not seen any thing in Michigan yet-am I missing something?

    How prevelent are large ponies in the .91 & 1 M jumpers?

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    Dec. 10, 2006


    WOW another pony jumper person from MI! I have to say that pony jumpers in Mi are very hard to come by. Last year there were pony jumpers at Win-A-Gin A and Metamora Hunt, but only because there were three confirmed ponies and the one owner begged horse show management for the classes. Even Traverse City has done away with pony jumpers.

    I managed to qualify for pony finals last year and this year (but I no longer own the pony so I won't be going) as part of the Zone 5 team. Pony Finals was awesome, but to qualify you have to drive the 6 hours to Chicago or KY, and maybe the Circle City 500 horse show, but make sure that you call ahead before you go because they don't even fill there all of the time. I am amazed that some of the best pony jumpers in the country come from here because the classes hardly fill. When I drove my pony to her new home in PA I went to a horse show and was amazed to see 10 in the PJ division.

    I did show my pony in the low child/adults at a few B shows a couple of summers ago, and I know one pony that did the same thing once this year. Other than that pony jumpers are unheard of in MI. Truely I know of one that is sitting in a field, one that i saw at a jumper schooling in the winter, and the one pony that did the B show (I actually have ridden two of them).

    Sorry for the long reply... but I have a lot to say about pony jumpers in MI. It was a very frustrating show season. We would be leaving for KY and get the call to say that pony jumpers weren't filling. Disappointing. Anyway... good luck!

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    I showed my large pony in the regular (3'6") Children's jumper division because shows either didn't offer pony jumpers or they didn't fill. My pony was scopey enough to get over wide oxers, and had a long enough stride to get down lines. I was usually pretty competitive against the horses- I was able to make inside turns that they couldn't.
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